Grey Hair In 14 Years Didn't Break The Desperate Girl But Allowed Her To Move Forward And Find The Other People With The Same Peculiarity

Date July 24, 2018 10:26

Martha Truslow Smith, a graphic designer from North Carolina, knew she would start to get gray early long before the process actually began. The weird “young aging” is hereditary in her family. However, when the first silver hair appeared at the age of 14, it was difficult to reconcile with this. The girl started the everlasting battle for her beauty.

Martha has been pulling out the gray locks and dying them for the long ten years. However, by the age of 24, she decided not to torture herself and remain with the natural color of her hair. This was a serious step for a young girl, as a stereotype developed in the society that most people began to get “silver” after 30 years. Luckily, she was ready for the surprised looks and confusing questions.

In order to gain even more confidence, Martha decided to create a blog Grombre on Instagram in August 2016 to describe her feelings, experienced in a state of “being gray.” She didn’t expect so many women had a similar problem.

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The girl’s surprise was unbelievable when the same “gray-haired” people like her started joining Grombre! It turned out this problem is familiar to many girls and women, and they simply required help and support from the similar ones.

Now, the blog has about 10.5 thousand subscribers. All users post their photos, tell how they live in a state of “being gray", and share joyful and significant moments from their lives: from wedding to childbirth.

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They are beautiful in their gray hair, and most importantly – stand out from the general mass, have their own peculiarity, and this is all thanks to their natural hair color. Moreover, they are happy with it!

Now, Martha Smith confesses she couldn’t even imagine such an interest in her initiative and such powerful support from the readers of her blog. Her subscribers give a positive attitude to those who are shy of their gray hair and cannot overcome moral barriers, thus buying hair-dye and hiding their natural beauty.

At the same time, the gray-haired Marta is convinced there is another option:

Of course, everyone makes a choice by themselves. After all, everyone wants to be beautiful, happy and loved. If you consider the possibility of staying with natural beauty, then in this world there is space for your irresistible essence, your individuality. We just have to decide to take the first step. Support will be provided to you in any case!

What about you, dear women? What age did you begin to paint over your gray hair? How do you feel about Grombre movement now? Share your impressions in the comments.

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