False Friends Detection: Don't Let The Feeling Of Envy Ruin Your Way To Success

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August 7, 2018 10:11 By Fabiosa

Being jealous is bad that is something we have repeatedly been told since childhood. However, the feeling of envy is only completely understood with the life experience, when we face different complicated situations. The worst option is to recognize the jealous person in your environment among the close friends. Fortunately, this doesn’t happen frequently, even though the traitors can sometimes be found very close around you.

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How do you usually recognize someone who shares the sincere joy for your achievements only to please you and make an impression you mean something for them? Even if a person assures that they are jealous due to the happy feelings, being envious always have negative connotation that ruins your friendship. Here are a few general recommendations to detect a false friend:

1. Uses your kindness

There is nothing wrong with helping. However, if this happens all the time and you have to sacrifice your interests, it’s worth thinking about forgetting such “friend.”

Pay attention to the person’s reaction when you ask for help. How many times have you heard unreasonable rejections? Perhaps, such attitude must have been expected.

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2. Uses your name

If your “friend” doesn’t mind using your connections to solve the problems without notifying you about such plea for help, it is high time reconsider your relationship with such person. Don’t let them manipulate and use you to receive the benefit – be attentive and react in time

3. Doesn’t care about your problems

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It is quite common to share your issues with the nearby people to hear a piece of advice that may change the situation drastically. However, if you hear no sympathy and offer for help, then they must not have been listening wholeheartedly. In brief, they simply don’t care.

You need to be alerted when after your story, they immediately jump to sharing their own concerns without any reaction to your issues.

4. Doesn’t value your achievements

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You are happy to notify your “friend” about the long-awaited solution to the problem, and receive nothing in return. Don’t even try to persuade yourself it’s just an unfortunate day. This will repeat over and over again until you aren’t longer needed

5. Always criticizes your mistakes

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If you happened to make a wrong move that led to the unsuccessful result, your “friend” would definitely make everybody know about your missteps. If you are sure who was the source of the “leak,” don’t even try to continue communicating with such person.

6. Flirts with your partner

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The slightest hint of flirting with your partner should be a signal to refuse from further communication with such “friend.” Be sure, the next step will be a criticism of your beloved one and constant accusations about the wrong choice. Let them envy your beautiful feelings without you.

This is just a small list of points to look out to recognize an envious and false friend in your environment. Be careful! Don’t spend your energy and time in vain.

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