How You Exacerbate Your Premature Aging: 7 Negative Habits Influencing Your General Well-Being

Date July 26, 2018 17:02

Is there any among us who voluntarily wants to grow old prematurely? It was only in childhood when everyone wanted to grow up quickly and become adults. As soon as the figures of the past years began to change with cruising speed, everyone rushed to keep their youth. However, not everybody does it correctly!

Today, we want to pay your attention to the habits that harm the body, contribute to the premature skin aging and approach the moment when you don’t want to look in the mirror at all.

Lack of sleep

Sleeping less than 7-8 hours not only reduces your daily performance but also imposes its imprint on the face in the undereye circles. It also results in the lowered corners of the mouth, frowning eyebrows, and increased sensitivity of the skin to external influences.

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To feel cheerful and be in a good mood, you must sleep on a comfortable bed (mattress, pillow, and linen are important), in a well-ventilated room. Do not eat or drink much at night. A deep calm sleep is a perfect preparation for a cheerful day.

Sedentary lifestyle

Spending most of the time without movement, you are bringing much harm to the entire body: the circulation processes slow down, oxygen isn’t correctly supplied to the cells, necessary microelements and vitamins aren’t distributed around the organism timely. The result is pitiful: dull skin, brittle nails, and bad hair. Not to mention about the lack of body flexibility with the most horrible outcome – excess weight.

Hot shower

The constant exposure to high-temperature water on the skin leads to thermal burns, and dehydration of the epidermis. As a result, the aging process quickly affects the dry skin. No matter how much moisturizing cream is applied, the disturbed natural process is boosted with the appearance of new wrinkles and movement discomfort, as there is a feeling of tightness around the skin.

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Active facial expressions


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It is very good you are an emotional and sensitive person who reacts to all events. But constant eyebrows lifting or bringing them down to the nose as well as the excessive movements of nasolabial muscles with laughter can lead to deep wrinkles, which are difficult to get rid of. Keep your emotions under control, and your face will be grateful.

Frequent solarium visits

The desire to have a beautiful tan, bringing us under artificial UV-radiation, leads to the destruction of the main “backbone” of healthy beautiful skin – elastin and collagen. If you do this too often, then dryness and flabbiness will become permanent companions, and the overall appearance will give out your age regardless of your tanned skin.

Improper diet

First of all, you should think about the harm from excessive sugar consumption. It affects adversely the previously mentioned elastin and collagen, destroying their structure. Also, the consumption of fats and carbohydrates should be reduced, giving preference to greens, fruits, and vegetables. If you want to preserve a normal condition of healthy skin and general well-being the use of a sufficient amount of pure water is also of utmost importance.


We are sure everyone knows what harm smoking can bring to the cardiovascular system and gastrointestinal tract. Tobacco lovers can immediately be identified at first sight: the complexion becomes earthy, and their skin obtains disgusting puffiness, dryness, and flabbiness. This is the result of exposure to harmful chemical compounds on collagen. As a result, it breaks down, slowing the recovery of skin cells for regeneration.

Aging of the body is a natural process, but why should you exacerbate it?

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With the help of our reminders, you will now reconsider your lifestyle, eating habits, attitude to active movement, and will be able to push away the sad feelings of aging for a long time.

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