She Used To Be Called "Bulldog" For Her Improper Bite, But Became Completely Unrecognizable After The Surgery

Date July 26, 2018 16:57

There are different attitudes to plastic surgeries. Some find it as an opportunity to prolong or return the beauty of their face and body, while others perceive it as a vital necessity for the most tragic reasons. Something similar happened with the 25-year-old Rebecca Hamilton from Northern Ireland.

From the early childhood, the girl suffered from an improper bite – her lower jaw was considerably forward in comparison with the upper one. Because of this, it was difficult for her to eat solid food, and the whole process of feeding was painful.

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Moreover, Rebecca’s moral suffering was much worse than her physical pain. She was repeatedly mocked by her peers for the weird appearance. Her classmates and even ordinary passers-by continuously paid extra attention to the girl’s face. She remembers how other girls threw money into her face in the school corridor, shouting to make a plastic surgery. The kids in the class gave her a nickname “bulldog.”

The only one who supported Rebecca in any situation was her boyfriend, Stefan. He always told the girl she shouldn’t pay attention to the mockery and nicknames. He asked her to be herself – this is exactly what he loved her for.

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However, Rebecca did not want to endure such life anymore and decided to change her appearance. Surgeons examined her face very carefully and calculated the possible options. As a result, after a 4-hour surgery, the upper jaw was pushed 0.27 inch forward, and the lower jaw was pushed 0.31 inch back.

© Rebecca Hamilton / MDWfeatures

Having woke up after the operation, the girl had only one desire: to see her transformation. However, before that, she had to survive a few weeks of terrible pain, having difficulties with breathing, eating, and just swallowing. She lost a lot of blood. Now, she is happy she doesn’t need to return to her past nightmares.

© Rebecca Hamilton / MDWfeatures

Now, when she shows the photos with that ugly improper bite, no one believes she is the same Rebecca – there is so much difference. Just check it by yourself!

© Rebecca Hamilton / MDWfeatures

Rebecca shares her experience with everyone who is in a similar situation and hesitates between the operation and the preservation of their unique look.

If you are firmly committed to a transformation, be prepared for pain and a long recovery period. If you want to leave everything as it is, then raise your head high and go forward regardless of anything – you are the only and unique person in this world!

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