5 Things You Need To Delete From Your Phone

Date May 10, 2018

Most psychologists agree that the past belongs in the past. Most people can’t live without constantly recalling the old times, and shudder every time anybody reaches for their mobile phone. To save the embarrassment for all the rubbish that has collected in your smartphone, we advise you to clean it regularly. Not only will it make your gadget live longer, it will free up its memory, and help you avoid awkward situations.

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So, here are 5 things it’s high time you should delete from your phone.

1. Bad takes and copies

Probably, many of us have a lot of pictures with blurry faces, bad angles, and poor light as well as almost identical shots on the smartphone. It's unlikely that you will want to share these pictures with other people. So why let them fill up your phone? Spend a little time to delete all the photos you won’t need, leaving only the good ones.

2. Contacts marked as "Don’t pick up!"

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Admit that you have at least a couple of numbers named "Arthur Club", "Hit on me", "Don’t pick up!", "Max from the website" and the like. If you know you are never going to get in touch with these people, or in case you want to cross them out of your life, go through your contacts and leave only those you may actually need.

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3. Old SMS and voicemail

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Do you spend much time reading old messages? We bet you have no idea how many messages are there on your phone right now. By the way, it wouldn’t hurt to delete some of your voicemails as well, especially if they are more than 5 years old. There is nothing reasonable you can do with them, but erase and forget.

4. Applications you no longer use and finished audiobooks

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Go through the list of the audiobooks on your phone and choose which ones are really worth relistening. Most likely, you won’t find any. So get rid of unnecessary files. Same goes for apps. Dozens of icons on the screen clearly aren’t speeding your smartphone up, especially if you haven’t used them for years. Removing useless apps will also free up a lot of memory on your gadget.

5. Music you no longer listen to

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Maybe once there was a time when you loved certain songs or even a genre. But things change, and so do tastes. So if the 80's don’t do the trick for you anymore, say goodbye to them and don’t look back. It is better to fill your playlist with music that you enjoy at the moment. And that won’t make you blush.

After deleting old files and information, you won’t stuff your head with nonsense and won’t let the past stand in the way of your present and future.

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