7 Mistakes Of Women Trying To Look Younger That Only Age Them

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May 21, 2018 14:07 By Fabiosa

In the modern world, increasing number of women are not afraid of aging and are not regarding it as something necessarily awful anymore. By their own example celebrities proved that it’s possible to age in style, even without surgeries. In many cases, it is a healthy diet, regular physical activity, and thorough care that prolong youth.

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Meanwhile, some women inadvertently look older because of these habits and trifles, as they may seem to them.

Now we will tell you 7 mistakes that you should avoid to always look immaculate and young.

1. Keeping clothes for years

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Clothes that you liked when you were 18 can’t stay in your wardrobe if you are way over 30. Even if they still look well. The only exceptions are the things spiraling back in fashion, or the ones that are unlikely to go out of style anytime soon. For example, a jean jacket of quality denim or a pinstripe jacket.

2. Disregard of neck skin

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Thin and sensitive skin of your neck and cleavage ages much faster than that of your face, and is among the first to give the woman’s age away. Without proper care, this area will remind you of itself with wrinkles, stretches, and saggy skin sooner or later. Rejecting creams and rejuvenating products is not the only way to speed up aging of the skin. It will definitely not benefit from an uncomfortable pillow or an office chair as well as bad posture.

3. Clothes of the wrong size

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Many women have this habit, hoping, that smaller clothes will make them look slimmer. In fact, tight clothes are not only uncomfortable, they are also aging. Tight trousers or a shirt with buttons poised to come off show a woman who is not accepting her age.

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4. Too much tan


Overindulging in sunbathing or a solarium can turn out quite disastrous for your appearance. Ultraviolet beams dry the sensitive skin of your face, neck, and cleavage, destroying collagen and elastin. It leads to wrinkles, pigment spots, and other signs of premature ageing. Self-tan can play a trick on you as well dark shade will only bring up imperfections of your skin and will shadow your eyes.

5. Warpaint

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Wrong make-up can age even a young girl, and can turn mature women into old ladies. Bright rouges, a thick layer of tinted cream, blood-red or crimson lipstick – all of it can age you a few decades. Remember, that make-up is about bringing up your merits and concealing the flaws. Don’t hold your breath for flamboyant make-up to turn you 16.

6. Wrong choice of a bra

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Even women which are aware of how important it is to choose the right bra, don’t always choose bras of proper size and shape. A bra which is too tight will create unappealing wrinkles under your clothes. Moreover, it is not recommended to save money on your underwear. An old bra is incapable of supporting your breasts the way was supposed to, and leads to sagging, violating body proportions.

7. Untended hands

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Dry skin on your hands, covered in pigment spots and wrinkles, surely gives your age away. Due to constant exposure to water, detergents, and environment, it ages early. For your hands to look young and well-conditioned, regularly use various lightening and moisturizing creams, and wash the dishes in rubber gloves. 

Keep abreast of the times and don’t let it beat you! 

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