Youngest Living Barbie Girl Spends Thousands Of Dollars From The Parental Budget To Look "Ideal"

Date July 9, 2018

How many times have you seen some girls begin to lose touch with reality and common sense in their endless pursuit for beauty? The desired image and unrealistic standards simply blind them at some point. Apparently, that is exactly what our today’s heroine has come across during her transformation.

18-year-old Czech, Gabriela Zhirachkova, turned herself into a living “Barbie doll.” The girl transformed her body and face in pursuit for, according to her opinion, perfection. Gabriela began experimenting with her appearance at the age of 16. As a teenager, the Czech made a tattoo, increased her hair and eyelashes, and made a surgery on her lips.

After reaching her adulthood, she went through her first serious plastic surgery: she increased her third breast size to the seventh: implants’ installation cost her parents $4,500.

Every month, Gabriela spends $1,500 from the parental budget to maintain the dolly appearance: her wardrobe, never-ending beauty treatments, different types of fillers, permanent makeup, and so on.

Apart from that, there are about 300 Barbie dolls in the girl’s collection.

Since childhood, not only these dolls inspired me to become ideal, but also other “living Barbies” made a huge impact on my transformation. I do not believe in naturalness; now, it is impossible to find it anywhere.

Zhirachkova is not going to stop there. In the nearest future, she plans to insert implants into her buttocks, remove several ribs, and enlarge her breasts even further.

Gabriela noted her personality and body help her feel confident, but she does not call anyone to copy her way of life.

I usually spend three and a half hours to organize herself. That is not easy with my appearance. My body requires huge financial, physical and mental backing.

Zhirachkova is interested not only in the improvement of her appearance. The Czech also tries to build a singer`s career with the original pseudonym – Lolo ta Bella. In addition, Gabriela once plans to move to the US.

I dream of living in Los Angeles and becoming famous there.

The girl claims she is still far from her ideal, but with every other plastic surgery and beauty procedure, she becomes more self-confident. At the same time, Zhirachkova claims she never suffered from low self-esteem.

I have always been happy with myself. The fact that I like artificial beauty does not mean that I have ever had low self-esteem.

What about you? Are you a supporter of natural beauty or do you think all means are good in pursuit for your perfection and increasing self-confidence? Share your opinion in the comments!