Doctors Revealed At What Age Different Organs Begin To Deteriorate

Date July 3, 2018

Everyone ages differently. Some of us show the signs of this irreversible process sooner, others - later. 

What is most peculiar is that organs of our body also start aging differently. Did you know that a crystalline lens, for example, begins its involution during prenatal development?

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Today, we will tell you approximately at what age different organs start to age, according to the experts.

Brain — in 24

Most people start with about 100 billion neurons in the brain, and that number gets lower starting in early twenties. After 40, the number of neurons can reduce by as many as 10,000 per day. This is why problems with memory occur with age.

Lungs — in 35

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At this age, lungs capacity begins to decrease. An average 30-year-old man can inhale two pints of oxygen, but only half of this amount in 70.

Kidneys — in 35

At this age, kidney’s ability to clear blood of waste, accumulating in it in result of metabolism, starts deteriorating. As with lungs, between 30 and 70, this function drops by 50%.

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Heart — in 40

With age, our heart doesn’t get better in pumping blood – quite the opposite. It is partially due to less elasticity in our blood vessels and increased loads that lead to hypertrophy (overgrowth) of myocardium (the cardiac muscle).
In addition, heart aging is related to metabolic changes in the cardiac muscle. Besides, arteries can become clogged due to unhealthy eating.

Vocal cords — in 65

After this age, the soft tissue in our vocal cords weakens, sometimes causing a change in voice. Women’s voices tend to get lower, while men’s – higher.

Liver — in 70

This organ seems to defy aging! It possesses wonderful regeneration abilities. The condition of a human liver starts to deteriorate only after 70.

As stated above, every organism is unique, and it’s purely individual, when certain organs begin to age.

An active lifestyle, sufficient amount of sleep, and healthy balanced nutrition can help significantly delay this imminent process. So, we strongly recommend to start taking care of your health right now!

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