Beauty Procedure Went Wrong: Ten Years After Notorious Injections, Beauties’ Faces Are Still Disfigured

Date June 13, 2018 12:15

In the last few decades, plastic surgeries and cosmetic procedures have had both unprecedented demand and development but, unfortunately, not in safety. Although the procedures have been tried many times, there’s still a risk of getting an unqualified “specialist” who can disfigure a patient’s appearance. That’s why, before going for a cosmetic procedure, weigh up all the pros and cons not to suffer from undesired consequences for years.

The characters of this article, unfortunately, happened to be so unlucky.

28-year-old Alvinia Bermoy Bernadez and 30-year-old Maui Cababao are from Philippines. The girls have been friends for many years, sharing many things in common, including remarkable natural beauty. But, as perfection knows no limits, they both wanted their skin to be even smoother and more radiant.

In 2008, a friend of theirs recommended them a beauty expert. She vouched for the specialist and told that she had been her regular.

Alvinia and Maui liked what they heard and didn’t know any better to set appointments with the cosmetologist, so highly spoken of. However, the swelling after the procedure didn’t go away, and in 3 months it got even worse.

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Both girls’ skin bloated as a balloon, the faces became itchy and sore. It appeared that they were injected with petroleum jelly!

All these 10 years, the girls have been fighting the consequences of this horrible "procedure," which include rejection, stares, and cruel taunts. Even doctors can’t return their original beauty. They’ve had numerous operations only to slightly reduce the swelling.

Until now, their faces still remain disfigured. The girls say that in some ways, they’ve come to terms with how they currently look and with that, they've given up on the idea of finding husbands and starting families.

Anyway, we hope that modern advances in medicine will provide the friends with a solution, cancelling the work of the “beauty expert.” For all of us, this case is one more reminder that beauty procedures are no joke and require thorough preparation and most careful choice of a specialist!

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