Easy Ways To Lighten Your Private Area: Get Rid Of Dark Spots In Pubic Zone


June 26, 2018 16:23 By Fabiosa

In order to comply with the modern beauty standards, women have to take care of all parts of their bodies. Hands, legs, face ... the private area is no exception. Pigmented spots around your private zones are a serious aesthetic problem that can cause discomfort and lack of confidence.

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You must have heard of a new procedure called intimate area bleaching. We’ll tell you what it is and why a woman might need it. This procedure is used to remove pigmented spots from delicate skin.

Where do these unaesthetic spots come from?

Hormonal imbalance

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Unfortunately, no one is safe when it comes to hormonal imbalance. It may occur as a result of hormonal restructuring during pregnancy and lactation. In this case, a gynecologist’s appointment is a must.

Wrong choice of underwear

As it appears, you need to choose it right. Don’t look at the model and color but consider the quality of the fabric. Synthetics can cause allergies, itching, and irritation. And, as a result, unattractive spots.

Excess weight

Fat deposits on the hips cause friction on the inside during walking, which can result in redness and infection of this area, and then – the dark pigmentation.

Age-related skin changes

This is a very common phenomenon, so the appearance of dark spots over the years is fairly typical.

Special sensitivity

Laces, rough stitches, and fabric can cause considerable discomfort and graze the skin.

What are the main types of lightening?

1. Peeling

This procedure promotes the renewal of skin cells. It clears the skin, improves metabolism, and enhances blood circulation in tissues. The effect of peeling is noticeable but only after a couple of days or a week. The skin becomes lighter, and hair growth slows down.

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2. Laser skin lightening

With the help of laser radiation, it is possible to get rid of unappealing dark spots in a short period of time. Usually, it requires up to 4 procedures. The effect of the laser on the skin is soft, as the radiation penetrates only into the upper layer of the skin - the epidermis. The procedure is slightly painful, but this side effect is easily eliminated with an anesthetic. The rehabilitation period takes a week. Gym, swimming, and intimacy are forbidden during this time.

3. Home procedures

The private area can be lightened at home. But first consult a dermatologist, who will evaluate the problem, prescribe necessary tests, and write prescriptions.

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To lighten the skin at home you can use professional gels and creams. There is no fundamental difference between them. Apply a thin layer of the selected product on the skin, and you will see the result within 4 weeks.

You can also try folk remedies. But they don’t provide an instant effect – you will have to be patient. With regular use, the effect will show in 1-2 months.

Cucumber mask

It is quite simple to prepare: grate one cucumber and mix it with any nourishing cream. Apply this mixture on the private area as a lotion.

White clay mask

Mix 1 tablespoon of white clay with parsley juice or cucumber juice. Add a few drops of lemon. Apply the resulting mixture on the skin of the intimate area and leave for 10 minutes, and then wash off with cool water.

Scrub with lemon

Add a little lemon juice to coffee grouts, and then use this mixture to exfoliate the skin in the intimate area.

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There is also a more radical way - hydrogen peroxide and ammonia spirit. But we strongly advise against it, as it can burn the sensitive skin. This composition is used to wipe off dark plaque from precious metals, because it is highly aggressive.

Pigment spots in the private area are a common problem with many solutions. Find the one that will work for you and forget about darkened sensitive skin.

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