10 Elegant And Time-Saving Ponytail Hairstyles

Date June 8, 2018

You are always busy? Always in a rush? Then, you must know that setting your hair every morning is not an option, when you are choosing between having a breakfast or shower. Girls with long hair are very lucky in this respect, even though they don’t always appreciate it. Long hair allows for quick but spectacular hairstyles. Even ponytails and braids can be very different and interesting! Today, you will learn about 10 ways to make a splendid ponytail.

1. Triple wrapped ponytail


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Make a ponytail in the bottom, wrapping it with a thick lock. Pin it firmly. Then, carefully take some locks out of the ponytail and pass them between other locks. You can do it at random. Pass the locks anywhere into the hair. Tangled ponytail looks very effective.

2. French braid ponytail


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You need to make a thick fishtail. You can leave a few locks in front. Don’t finish the fishtail, stop at the level where a ponytail usually begins. Wrap the end of the unfinished fishtail with your hair. Use hairpins and hair-slides. 

3. Elegant inside-out ponytail

Wrap your hair with a thick lock. Pin it firmly. Then, do the same almost in the very bottom, leaving a small ponytail. Then, turn it inside out a few times, as in the picture. In order to do this, pass the pony through the opening. 

4. Tuck and cover half


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A modern version of the famous hairstyle. Take two wide locks from both sides and start braiding them across in a horizontal direction. Hold the hairdo using hairpins and hair-slides. 

5. Dutch Mohawk ponytail


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Braid it strictly in the center. Then, connect the braid with the rest of the hair and, as before, wrap the ponytail with a lock. 

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6. Double Dutch fishtail braids 


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Make fishtails on both sides on the back of the head, and then make two ponies, as described before. You can use scrunchies if you want to, but then, the hairstyle won’t look as gorgeous and natural.

7. Rope braid pony


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Make casual three strand braids on the right and left sides, which transition into a ponytail. As in the picture, it is trendy to fix it with various hair scarfs, not only hair. Satin ones are especially eye-catchy.

8. Four-strand braid pony


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Make a casual braid on both sides, and then connect them with the remaining hair on the back of the head. Add volume to the braid, loosening it a little. It will make your look lighter.

9. Half up French braids into a knot


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Another modern variant of this hairstyle. Braid your hair a little on both sides, not in a particular type of braid, but at random. Then, make a casual knot of your choosing. 

10. Twisted pony

No need to braid or fishtail anything. Just twist your hair inside on both sides, and then smoothly join it with the rest on the back of the head. It is easy to do, but looks spectacular!

In each case, you will need a lot of invisible pins or other inconspicuous hairpins, as this is the only way to make this hairstyle hold for a day. Try and experiment!

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