Choose The One For You: Types Of Bras And Their Peculiarities

Date July 12, 2018

A bra is an indispensable item of a woman’s wardrobe. Not only does it make breasts firmer and more attractive, it also provides necessary support. That’s why a bra mustn’t chafe, be too tight, or cause any discomfort.

Remember that every brassiere tends to stretch, so don’t rush into using the last hooks on a new bra. All in due time. This way, it will wear longer. 

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One more advice for those who prefer light colors: Don’t put on the same bra two days in a row, as it will stain from sweat faster. Alternate it with another one, even another light one. 

Although women usually have more than one bra, not everyone knows its types. Today, we bring to your attention different types of bras. It’s time to get them all straight! 

The classic bra is ideal for breasts of all sizes. Usually, it doesn’t have underwire, and the cups are closed.

Demi bra supports breasts from below. It comes in various cup designs, but they all have underwire. Demi bras are also considered universal.

Bustiers are characterized by a short corset of durable fabric. It allows making the waist a little slimmer. The underwire extends below the breasts and along the sides. This option is suitable for ladies with small and medium breast sizes.

Balconette is a very low cut bra, so it is suitable for a smaller bust. The name comes from an association with a balcony, resembled by the cups. They are rigid and have underwire. Straps are wide.

Wonderbra is a type that supports small and medium breasts, from below and on the sides. This bra typically has pockets for enlarging or supporting inserts on the bottom of the cups.

Push-Up is a famous bra type, which is going out of style now. Its main function is to visually increase breast size with the help of silicone or foam inserts. Suitable for small and medium size bust. 

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The plunge is a sexy bra with open cups. It covers only the bottom half of the breast, so girls with a full bust will not be comfortable wearing it.

Invisible is a bra with no straps, hooks or underwire. Most often this type of bra comes in a natural skin tone. It is fixed with an adhesive base. This brassiere makes breasts appear larger, and is almost unnoticeable under clothes. It is suitable for a medium size bust.

Bandeau bra is represented by a band of fabric similar to a top. It may or may not have hooks and underwire. In most cases, bandeau bras are strapless. This type is suitable for small sized breasts.

A seamless bra is a universal type, suitable for all breast sizes. The lack of seams allows it to blend with the skin. It may come in a shape of a classic bra or a top. Usually, this type is made of elastic material which contains microfiber.

Nursing bras are helpful for young mothers. This brassiere accounts for anatomical distinctions and is made from hypoallergenic materials. Besides, the top section of the cup can be undone.

A sports bra is an underwire-free type with a soft cup, made from a stretchy fabric. It fixes breasts in a natural position, providing support during intense movements. It has a solid back and is suitable for any size. 

Now you know the secrets of the brassieres! It’s time to take a fresh look at your underwear and, perhaps, buy a new one or two :)

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