Stop! Go With Something Else: Hair Dyes Which Are Long Outdated

Date May 18, 2018 13:47

Fashion is known to go back, so never put your favorite jeans too far, even if nobody wears these anymore. Trust us, later people will seriously envy you for what you have deep in your wardrobe. It is undisputed with clothes, but what about makeup, haircuts, and dye trends? Sometimes, they come back into fashion, too, but you have to know it when you need to stop and change the look not to be in bad taste.

Today, we tell you about dyes, which you shouldn’t do just yet, and if you are still proudly wearing one of them, it is better to change your style for a while. So, let’s face it.

1. Ombre

A drastic version of this dyeing has gone off style, but soft ombre is still rocking: light, natural, balanced transitions. It is a tough DIY to manage, but a salon professional can work wonders!

2. Natural dyes

This taboo is a strange one, but the fact is natural dyes accumulate in hair, and can later react with chemical pigment molecules. If you decide to dye or bleach your hair after henna dye, for example, the result may be quite unpredictable.

3. Bright locks

In 2018, they look tasteless and pretentious. It is better to attract attention with natural tone transitions. Note, that it is only a few bright locks that look unstylish, e.g., one or two. However, if you set your mind on a trendy bright color, e.g., succulent or amethyst, then go ahead!

4. Icy blonde

It gave way to a warmer blonde, so stick with it to stay in trend. Besides, it suits both tanned and pale skin, unlike icy blonde. A warm blonde is known for looking natural.

5. “Gray” dyeing

Only a season ago it was trendy, but its reign was brief. If you want to add grey in your hair, use "metallic." For this, hair is first bleached and then toned. This color washes off fast, so some maintenance is required.

6. Monotone dyeing

It looks boring, even though it resembles classics. If you are not ready for expressive dyeing with transitions, you can add depth at the hair-roots and leave the length a bit brighter. Or, lighten up a few front locks. Don’t be afraid to try.

7. Chunky highlighting

Sharp contrasts are not in trend now, so if you are into highlights, go with a "soft" version of it. A professional picks small locks and lightens them a tone or two. It yields a sunlight patch effect, which is no less than fascinating!

Each woman who desires to stay fashionable and trendy should accept the fact that sometimes you need to let go of your favorite dye, as even things you like can go out of style. Don’t be afraid to try something new. Modern hair professionals know a lot about beautiful colors for your hair!