Genius! Bachelor Came Up With Simple Lifehack To Do Without Iron

Date May 30, 2018 18:06

A broken household appliance is not a problem anymore. Smart people have come up with numerous lifehacks specific for every situation to make our life easier. Just think about it, there must have been a time when you racked your brains trying to get out of this pickle, when your iron got broken when you most needed it.

One inventive bachelor found a great solution. He managed to both cook a meal and… iron clothes! Perhaps, this simple lifehack will become handy to you one day!

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So, you will need only a casserole and foil.

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You must have guessed what to do next. Pour water into a casserole, and cover it with a layer of foil. Don’t wrap too much of it – the main idea is to completely cover the bottom. Then put it on the electric stove.

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As soon as the casserole is hot enough – take it off the stove and iron the clothes with its bottom. It will have the same effect as any iron, regardless of how expensive it is. Not buying it? Try it and see for yourself!

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And, above all, what a time-saver! There can be pasta cooking in this very casserole at the same time. Indeed, why spend time buying a new iron or get the old one fixed? Just get enough foil!

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