9 Style Hacks For Curvy Women

Date May 16, 2019

It is a common mistake to assume that fashion is only for long-legged and slim girls. Now, more than ever, beautiful and stylish plus-size clothes are easy to get. However, many still make mistakes, highlighting their body imperfections. 

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Here is the not-to-do list when creating your style.

Mistake #1. To buy a new piece without checking the old ones.

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Before you decide to buy a span-new piece, dive into your wardrobe and make a checkup. Sort out clothes you wear from those you don't and then think what's out of style. Considering the eventual aim, create several looks for going out or for office. Write a list of what is missing. Only after this step, go shopping. Following such a simple rule will protect you from senseless purchases. 

Mistake #2. Trying clothes on in uncomfortable tight underwear

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Before shopping, wear comfy underwear. The one, you are going to wear with the new pieces. It should not be constraining, grazing, or tightening. Otherwise, your underwear will show through the clothes revealing seams and edgings. No need to mention that it looks really horrible.

Mistake #3. Wrong styles for "plus size"

If you are the owner of narrow shoulders and wide hips and tend to hide your body, then choose loose blouses, tunics, or longline cardigans. Avoid anything increasing volume waist-down. 

Mistake #4. Exaggerate big breasts by adding extravagant decorative elements and flowers  


If you have big breasts, you can be surely proud of it but there is no need to command too much attention to them with the help of clothes - they will seem even bigger. Try monochrome dresses, blouses, and V-neck sweaters without flounces and laces.  

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Mistake #5. Do not use a belt if you have apple shape body 

If this is the exact body type you have, you will have to love belts and learn how to wear them properly. Most important is size, which shouldn't be too thin or, on the contrary, too wide. Decide a neutral width of the belt and try to always use it. If it goes wrong with belts, just narrow your waist by adding there let-in pieces of different color. 

Mistake #6. Not to believe that knitwear can hide your body's flaws 

The most lightweight knitwear will stylishly fit your body without tightening effect and remove all irregularities and odd centimeters. Search for the material that contains astandex — a tightening element. Normally, its presence is indicated on the label. Blow away all the doubts: all that needs to be hidden will be hidden.

Mistake #7. Dress like traffic lights

In case you'd like to look really bright and want people to remember you long, then mixing many colors, prints, and facings is a bad idea. Of course, you can do it, but know that rioters and teens dress this way following the desire to distinguish themselves from the crowd. However, if you have passed this age period, a colored top or bottom of your look would be more than enough; another part must be, undoubtedly, neutral. In this case, it's acceptable to use both printings and facings. Apply the trick for only one piece of the look. 

Mistake #8. Reveal shoulders if you have chubby arms

Do not reveal the shoulders — your hands will seem even more ponderous. For example, cover them by choosing a short-sleeved blouse or rolling the sleeves up —  ¾ length is still considered to be an elegant raisin of any look.

 Mistake #9. Consider yourself know-it-all when choosing clothes 

Don't hesitate to ask for the stylist's help. Nowadays, every self-respecting clothing store offers such service for free. They can answer all your questions and give some tips on how to dress in accordance with your shape, color type, and occasion. Consultants can help you find the necessary piece, thus saving your time and sometimes, even money. 

Try to be comfortable in your own skin, listen to your desires, and love yourself. Don't hurry on fundamental changes in your appearance as a slight correction with the help of clothes or cosmetics may be enough.

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