Practical Guide To Choose Leggings For Different Situations

Date December 3, 2018 16:10

Leggings are a sort of garment that you can easily go wrong with. In order not to look ridiculous and to choose the pair best highlighting your strengths, you need to know a few things.

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Now, you are going to learn how to choose leggings during pregnancy and for sports.

Often, in the early stages of pregnancy, when the baby bump starts to show, future moms sort their clothes hiding all their favorite dresses, trousers, and skirts. Instead, they fill their wardrobes with clothes a few sizes larger. They don’t want anything to cause their baby discomfort. Perhaps, one of the best items of clothing for this period are leggings.

Leggings cater for many young mom’s needs — they make you look slimmer, show beautiful legs, support the belly, and provide a sense of comfort.

Nowadays, almost every brand has a line of clothes for pregnant women. If you hesitate about making this purchase, let’s take a look at its advantages and make the right choice.

1. Pay attention to the fabric — it should be natural. It’s a big plus if leggings are made of a thick knit fabric. It won’t limit your movements or compress the stomach, letting your skin breathe.

2. The manufacturers thought about mothers who go to work, thus providing office or business leggings models.

3. Leggings are universal, you can wear them all year long. There are fleece-lined or thermal leggings for winter, cotton or shortened – for summer. They will take the shape of your body throughout the nine months, and you won’t have to buy new clothes every trimester. Moreover, there are leggings with zippers and elastic bands. These features will be comfortable as well as handy to adjust to your changing body.

4. Don’t forget that during pregnancy, there is a risk of varicose veins. To prevent it and relax your legs, there are special compression leggings. Consult your doctor for the proper size recommendation.

What to wear with leggings

You can wear them with tunics and long sweaters. In winter, don’t deny yourself a knit dress and lined leggings. Brave ladies can go with elongated shirts or T-shirts. This way, you can go for a walk or crash a party. What’s left is the shoes and outwear. A festive top along with heels will be perfect for special occasions.

Length. A pregnant woman still wants to stay in style. You can wear shortened or longer models - they all are trendy. Remember: good looking clothes and happy mother are essential for healthy pregnancy. Leggings make you look attractive, hence giving you comfort and confidence. After bringing a new life to this world, you will definitely get your favorite clothes back from the depths of your wardrobe, but you sure won’t forget about the new ones.

How to choose leggings for sports

Sport leggings are very comfortable and practical, which is very important for effective workouts. Keep in mind a few things when buying a pair.

Fabric. Pay attention to the fabric. Most often leggings are made of cotton or synthetics. The former lets your skin breathe and is hypoallergenic.

Cotton absorbs sweat well. So, all cotton leggings are more suitable for low intensity trainings, such as pilates or yoga. For more dynamic activities, choose a pair with some elastane.

Don’t be afraid of synthetic materials! Leggings containing elastane are considered sport outfit. This material is durable and air-permeable, it removes sweat and regulates heat exchange processes, hence allowing you to stay dry even during most intense workout sessions. These technologies can help increase your stamina.

Size. Buy leggings that fit you exactly. A size smaller model will compress too much and chafe, a size larger — droop and wrinkle. In either case, during a workout, you will far more concerned with your garment than the actual process.

Seams. When buying any clothes inspect the seams. In our case, seamless leggings or models with flat seams will be perfect.

Color and length. These features are purely individual. The short ones will be better for summer, and longer ones – for cold seasons.

Following these simple recommendations, you will save time and money, and won’t harm your health!