How To Hide Pregnancy In Early Stages: Stylists’ Tips

Date June 1, 2018

What a blessing it is to learn that you are going to have a baby, especially if you planned for it. In early stages, not to jinx it, young mothers try to hide it as long as possible. There is nothing wrong with that, especially if they have a job and want to avoid never-ending annoying questions.

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This is pretty solvable. Comfortable and stylish clothes will make you more attractive and fascinating, as well as hide your little baby bump.

What should you wear to leave people clueless about your delicate condition?

First things to give away that you’re pregnant are your breasts. Whether big or small – everybody who sees you often may notice the change in the shape and size. To avoid it, you will need to make your breasts look the same as before.

The top shouldn't be bright and eye-catching – go with blouses, dresses, sweaters, or shirts. These include complex style items. Also, V-neck shirts will do just fine.

Dark or light colors, but nothing too dramatic. The clothes should be loose and slightly slim-waist, forget about open cleavage or make it minimal. Also, forget about wearing anything short-cut – tops, blouses, chunky knit sweaters, as well as double-breasted jackets.

If your belly started to show a little, avoid body tight knit-wear and flowing dresses or skirts. Don’t wear low fit trousers with shirts tucked in. Clinging clothes are not recommended either, rather the opposite. As for the print on the dress – stick with diagonal and vertical strips.

Choose longer and slightly slim-waist vests and jackets. Blouses and dresses with valances and a wrap at the waist and lower will do a good job hiding the bump.

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Here are a few examples of a clothes choice for chilly and warm weather.

For a chilly weather:

  1. A poncho. You may wear it with wide-legged or straight-fit trousers, as well as leggings.
  2. An oversized two-buttoned trench coat, trousers, or a skirt.
  3. A skirt/trousers, a blouson, a jacket, covering the stomach and a bit of thighs, a scarf.

For a warm weather:

  1. A blouse, a palatine, and trousers.
  2. A tulip skirt (of an appropriate length) and a light blouse.
  3. A cardigan and a wide shirt with leggings.
  4. A pencil dress. It is quite strict and not tight, shaping you and concealing what needs to be concealed.

It is generally not hard to hide pregnancy in the early stages. Get ready to hide a noticeable baby bump!

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