Delicate Problem: How To Avoid Sweat Stains Under Breasts In Summer

Date May 14, 2018 18:43

The summer is coming and many women have a problem with the breast area stains on clothes. This mishap can appear at training, as well as in daily life. It is uncomfortable, may cause a lot of inconveniences, and lowers your self-esteem. How to prevent it?

1. Underwear that fits

Make sure, that your bra is, in fact, of your size. Many women choose underwear too big or too small for them. Both may lead to friction that can result in excessive perspiration under the breasts.

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2. Natural fibers

Clinging clothes undoubtedly bring up all your seductive curves, but these are often made from artificial fabrics that prevent your skin from breathing and causing excessive perspiration.

Prefer natural fibers, namely cotton, to silk, satin, etc. as they show wet stains very well.

3. Breast pads

This is a salvation for those who suffer from excessive sweating. Choose pads consisting of 3 layers: The first one absorbs sweat, the second one retains it, and the third protects your clothes from stains.

4. Emergency aid

If you forgot to check the weather forecast or chose a wrong blouse, you could simply use napkins; just stick them into your bra. Don’t forget to change them during the day.

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5. Black clothes

For the most dangerous days (fitness or hot weather) choose black. Wet stains are not so visible on black. Avoid wearing gray mélange items. Note: If you are training outside under the heat, black is not recommended for the reason of overheat.

6. Baby powder (corn starch)

This method is suitable for short public appearances. When used repeatedly baby powder can make things worse. Note: Make sure you are not allergic to talcum.


7. Baking soda, spirit

Try to keep your skin dry to avoid fungal infection. Wipe the area under breasts with spirit and use powder without talcum. Take off wet clothes at the earliest opportunity.

Moreover, you can rub baking soda into dry skin. It has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Soda will prevent irritation and will remove moisture.

8. Keep good hygiene

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Shower regularly and make sure to wipe yourself dry. Choose bras of air flow materials and change them daily.

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