Reduce Your Water Bill Legally With This Instant Lifehack

Date July 20, 2018

If you are looking at where to cut costs, carefully analyze your monthly expenses. And then, you will probably notice huge utility bills. A water-bill can be especially pesky.

What’s to be done? Is there any way to cut the water expenses without having to shower less or recycle? Of course! Ingenious house owners have already found the solution.

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There is one old but genius way to reduce the water bill. All you will need is a usual plastic bottle and 10 minutes of your time.

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Open the toilet water tank and place a 50 oz (1.5 liters) bottle filled with water.

How will it work? It’s physics! Now after every flush your tank will fill 50 oz less.

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Think about it, you will save money on every flush of the toilet. If you use, say, 20 times a day – you will use 1,000 ounces less water a day. Now calculate how much you will save a month! You can experiment and make some adjustments by using a smaller or larger bottle depending on your tank.

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Thanks to this incredible lifehack, you will not only save some money but also contribute to the environmental cause. 

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