9 Tricks To Help Lose Weight In Addition To Common Exercises And Diets

Date May 22, 2018 17:52

Everybody knows that effective weight loss involves both physical exercising and healthy nutrition. Sometimes, it becomes a torture, and one needs a lot of will power to lose extra pounds. Fortunately, there are few creative, maybe even a little weird, tips for those who dream of losing weight. They will help lower increased appetite, trick your organism, and motivate you to stop consuming everything in huge quantities.

1. Create your own stop signal.

French women have an interesting method. Paying a visit, they tie a ribbon around their waist. When it starts to stretch, it's a sign for them to stop and limit themselves in a favorite dish. Make up your own trick and lose weight with pleasure.

2. To reduce serving, take a smaller plate.

Another tip that may prove to be effective. First, take a plate of a slightly smaller size, and after a few days, reduce it again, so your body will not notice the change, and food portions will be significantly reduced.

3. Start a nutrition diary.

In it, you can log what you eat and in what quantities. Make sure to analyze your records. The next step is to count calories. You can find the caloric content of different products on the internet.

4. Eat in front of a mirror.

This simple advice turns out to be very effective. Believe us: Looking at how you eat, you will not want to overeat and reach for an extra portion.

5. Blue color.

Scientists say blue color inhibits appetite, in contrast to red, yellow, and orange. Therefore, we advise everyone to lay a blue tablecloth or to get blue dishes.

6. Snack should not be sweet.

It is wrong to snack with sweets, chocolate, or a cake. It is better to go with some kind of fruit. Let it be an apple or a banana. You will satisfy the raging appetite and, at the same time, it will not tell on your figure.

7. Bright light and quiet music.

Why do you think restaurants and cafes always have dimmed lights and loud music? That's right, because these factors arouse appetite. It is best for those who want to lose weight to eat in bright light.

8. Vanilla scent.

Candles with this scent can dull the feeling of hunger a little. Sweet aromas are the ones to lower the appetite.

9. Eat slowly.

In a hurry, you can consume way more calories. Also, it is well known that hunger doesn’t disappear immediately but in some time, so take your time.

These tricks will help you lower your appetite and eat less, bringing you closer to losing undesired weight. For sustained and noticeable results, use them in addition to exercising and healthy nutrition.

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