12 Ingenious Microwave Lifehacks (That Make Life Easier)


April 25, 2019 15:34 By Fabiosa

A microwave has become a typical kitchen appliance. But there are not many people who know that it can be used in other ways. We gathered the most useful microwave lifehacks and hope that you will find them handy!

1. Cut onions without tears

A microwave is a remedy for those who want to cut onions without crying a river. Just microwave an onion bulb for 1-2 minutes, and then follow the regular procedure.

2. «Freshen up» dry bread

Wrap bread in a damp towel and put it into a microwave for 15-20 seconds. There you go – fresh as new!

3. Get more lemon juice

Lemons will become softer and juicier if you microwave them first. Only 15 seconds at a high power mode will be enough.

4. Make spices fragrant again

If spices have been stored in a cabinet, and are not as savory as before, microwave them. Only 10 seconds will be enough for the pleasant smell to fill your kitchen again.

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5. Peeling vegetables and fruits

Put vegetables or fruits into a microwave and turn it on at max power. It is done in 30 seconds, literally. After the vegetable or fruit cools down, it will become easier to peel.

6. Melt ice-cream a little

It is fairly obvious. But in order not to end up with warm sludge, it is better to melt ice-cream a few times for 5-10 seconds.

7. Peel garlic

Interested? Naturally! This is a good alternative for a knife and long meticulous work, especially if the cloves are small. Just microwave garlic for about 15 seconds at max power. Husk will become damp and easier to remove.

8. Dry spices and herbs

Just pack them in paper towels and put into a microwave. They will dry in 3-4 minutes. The procedure can be repeated a few times.

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9. Melt chocolate

How about melting a chocolate bar? Real simple. You don’t need loads of pots and boiling-water bath. Just take any microwave compatible dish and a few pieces of chocolate. It will only take 15 seconds.

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10. Soften beans

Instead of soaking lentils, peas, or kidney beans overnight, you can do it much faster in a microwave. Cover legumes in water and add a bit of soda. It will only take 10 minutes.

11. Make honey liquid again

If the honey became candied, it can be brought back to liquid state again. Microwave it for about two minutes. Don’t cover with a lid and set the oven to maximum.

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12. Fry nuts

Almonds and cashew can now be fried without a frying pan. Repeat the procedure a few times 2-3 minutes each. Stir the nuts a little in between.

What microwave lifehacks do you know? Please, share in the comments!

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