14 Useful Laundry Lifehacks (Experts’ Tips)

Date May 22, 2018

Laundry has established itself in the top of the most boring routines. Naturally, with the development of technology, there is no lack of different washing machines. Nonetheless, many people are trying to dodge this responsibility or at least make it easier with the help of some simple tricks. We will tell you about them now.

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1. Soda will remove yellow stains

You can easily get rid of yellow stains with help of baking soda. You will need only half a dosing cup. It is better to wash the clothes in hot water.

2. Kids’ shampoo will help the shrunk clothes

Many people don’t know it, but kids’ shampoo can bring the shrunk clothes their initial looks back. For this, just soak it for 10-15 minutes.

3. Sock bags are convenient

All of you have surely been riddled by socks missing after the laundry. To avoid this, get special bags.

4. Never overdry clothes

Remember that it is best to iron clothes when they are still a little damp. It is next to impossible to iron overdried clothes.

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5. It is better to sort clothes according to the fabric density

There is a misleading opinion that clothes are better sorted by color. Of course, you should wash white and light colored items separately from black. Also, you should take notice of the fabric density so that your jeans didn't spoil your lace top. And remember, the water shouldn’t be warmer than 30 degrees for the clothes not to lose color.

6. Foil against a static-charge accumulation

For wool clothes not to charge after the laundry, put several balls of regular foil into the washing machine drum.

7. Lifehack with shaving foam

Men's shaving foam perfectly removes stains of women’s make-up! Now, lipstick and powder stains are no longer a problem – just add a little of the foam before the washing.

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8. Wash socks in cold water

Why? Because mostly they are dirty with stains based on protein which coagulates in high temperature leaving spots on favorite socks forever.

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9. Caps and baseball caps – into a dishwasher

To prevent a washing machine from deforming a cap, put it into a dishwasher. You will like the result.

10. Hair drier before laundry

Non-protein based stains, on the other hand, like grass, juice, soil wash off well if you dry them a little with a hairdryer. Apply detergent for a while before putting the clothes into a washing machine.

11. Towels will speed up drying

Wet clothes will dry faster if you put a few dry towels next to them. They will absorb the extra moisture.

12. Never use conditioner when doing whites

It will spoil their whiteness. Washing powder is also not a good idea. Only bleacher will yield perfect white color.

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13. Mouthwash is an exceptional cleaning product

If you need to clean a washing machine from bacteria and mold, you don’t always have to use a specialized cleaning product, a regular mouthwash will do just fine.

14. A tennis ball for terrycloth towels

A most original tip – use a tennis ball to make your towels soft and fluffy. Put it into a washing machine drum. Just try it!

What laundry lifehacks do you use? Make sure to share in the comments!

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