Lifehack From Flight Attendants: Get Rid Of Toilet Odor Fast (Suitable For Home Use)

Date April 25, 2019

Let's talk about the delicate issue of odors in the bathroom.

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On the one hand, the matter is understandable. After all, what kind of fragrance would you expect there? And on the other hand, there are so many ways and products to take of the bathroom that it shouldn’t seem much trouble at all.

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But what if even after all the expensive products there is still a strong and repugnant smell? Are there any reliable tricks to deal with this problem?

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There sure are! For example, a lifehack that has long been employed by experienced flight attendants.

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Remember your last flight. A tiny compartment, no open windows, and a few dozen or even hundreds of passengers aboard the plane. Have you ever wondered how flight attendants manage to keep the toilet that fresh for several hours of flight? What they came up with is so simple and ingenious that you will definitely want to apply it at home.

So, how do they fight the unpleasant odor? Wash the toilet every few minutes? Yes, of course, the toilet gets washed, but definitely not that often.

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Maybe the flight attendants use scented candles in the toilet? Their pleasant smell is pretty lasting. Obviously, that would be ludicrous. Any kind of open flame is strictly forbidden on the plane, just like aerosol air fresheners standard for ground facilities.

The thing that helps flight attendants keep toilets fresh and get rid of the odor is coffee. This is an old and proven trick. To clean the toilet, they use coffee grounds.


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The thing is, coffee is a drink with a special and fairly persistent flavor. It is able to outsmell anything: from the toilet reeks to the unpleasant smell of bleach.

In case of emergency, flight attendants make a portion of strong coffee and simply pour it into the toilet. The unpleasant smell disappears in a matter of minutes.

This is really a lifesaver! It is especially useful when uninvited guests show up, and you don’t have time for a whole disinfection procedure. Make sure to share this lifehack with your friends!

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