Wrong! Eradicating A Common Mistake For Wearing A Bra Can Prolong Your Underwear Life For Long


December 3, 2018 09:11 By Fabiosa

Every woman devotes a special place in the wardrobe to her underwear. Everybody knows – there is never too much of it.

Unfortunately, very few females forget that underwear should not only please the eyes and satisfy their lovers but also be comfortable. Moreover, it can also be worn in an incorrect way, severely damaging your body.

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For example, there is a common mistake while wearing a bra. As shown by the independent studies conducted by the world-famous underwear manufacturer, the issue is repeatedly made by almost all contemporary representatives of the females.

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So, where is the catch? After all, it is so easy to put on a bra! Any teenage girl can handle this task, not to mention the elder women who wear this wardrobe item for many years.

Let's just conduct a little test: what hook do you fasten your bra on? Ready to argue that you, as well as 90% of the respondents, answered: "on the last." Of course, this is made to create a better impression for your breasts. Guess what: this is just wrong. The new bra needs to be fastened on the first hooks.

And you will definitely ask “why.” Your underwear has the ability to stretch out quickly due to the constant fabric tension. To extend the term of its use, it is necessary to gradually move from the first hooks to the second, and then to the third, as you wear the bra.

Therefore, after conducting a social survey, many manufacturers began to indicate this recommendation on the labels of their products, telling their buyer what hooks on the underwear are better to use.

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