10 Shoe Care Tricks That Don’t Require Special Creams And Sprays

Date July 6, 2018

If you don’t have a century old book with household tips for every possible situation, don’t worry. We’ve made a selection of fabulous shoe care tricks that require things you perhaps already have at home.

Of course, you can buy special care products. But why not experiment in search for an unorthodox solution and save some money?

1. Salt stains and a toothbrush

Oleg Golovnev /

Before packing up winter footwear until the next season, clean it up first. One of the problems is white stains from saline solutions used as anti-slip mixtures on the streets.

To get rid of them, mix water and vinegar in a ratio of 2:1. With the help of an old toothbrush, apply this mixture over the stains. Wipe with a dry cloth. That will do it.

2. A zipper and a candle

When a shoe runner gets hard to move, rub a usual wax candle along the zipper. Everyone who tried this method note how effective it is.

3. Patent leather shoes and window cleaner

When it’s time to clean your windows, remember about your old patent leather shoes. It turns out that you can use this product to restore their original shine.

Spray it a few times, then wipe the surface with a napkin rubbing it in.

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4. Scuffs and petroleum jelly

If you noticed scuffs on your pair of leather shoes, you can disguise them with petroleum jelly!

Use a cotton swab to take a small amount of the product and rub it into the surface of the shoe. It will make your shoes look as new.

5. A nail file and suede shoes

Roman Stetsyk /

If your suede shoes got stained somehow, you can remove the dirt with a nail file, preferably a fine-grained one.

Rub the suede with it a few times gently, without pressure. Try not to overdo it!

6. A scotch tape and blisters

You’ve just wore a new pair of shoes to work but can’t walk back because of blisters? It would be best to get to the pharmacy for adhesive plaster. But this pain...

You can use a usual scotch tape, available in every office. Cut a small piece, and put it on the wound after disinfecting it somehow.

At least, you will get to the pharmacy!

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7. A wrong size and foam

Buying shoes online without trying them on, you can easily go wrong with the size. But if you really like the pair and don’t want to return it, you can make some kind of an insert of a foam material, which is placed in boxed shoes.

Cut out a small piece and put it around the back or under the heel, depending on your problem. This method can save you the chafes from wearing shoes.

8. Eraser and sneakers

Sarawut Chamsaeng /

If rubber soles on your favorite pair of sneakers have lost their original whiteness, then the problem can be solved with the help of an ordinary eraser.

Applying pressure, simply erase everything you don’t want. The result will surprise you.

9. A banana and gloss

If your shoes have faded, you can use this tropical fruit. Cut a banana and then apply the pulp to the shoes, sneakers, or boots.

Then give it a good wipe with a dry napkin.

10. Water and wax

If you want to waterproof your shoes a little, you can use a conventional wax candle. Thoroughly rub it in the surface of the leather or fabric. Turn on a hair dryer and set it to max temperature. Aim the hot air at the wax, so that it melts and gets absorbed. That’s it! You can pour water now.

We hope that you took all the tips seriously, even though the usage of some items may seem odd. We hope these tips will help you wear your favorite shoes, boots or sneakers longer!

If you have your own methods, share with us!

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