5 Useful Smartphone Features Few People Know About

Date January 10, 2019 09:28

We are so used to smartphones that we can’t imagine our lives without one. Despite this, few people know and use all the features of the gadgets, which can actually make life easier.

Today we will tell you about 5 hidden features of smartphones that will allow you to use them to their full potential.

1. iPhone cursor feature

5 Useful Smartphone Features Few People Know AboutRobert Videobob Moseley / YouTube

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You can use this feature to navigate in the text after you started typing.

  • start typing in any application (Gmail, iMessage or any other) on your iPhone. Press and hold the spacebar, and now you can control the cursor with your finger, like in a mouse pad, to move to any area of the text.

2. Locate a device

5 Useful Smartphone Features Few People Know AboutApple Support / YouTube

The "Find My Device" app is the equivalent of the popular "Find My iPhone" iOS utility, but for Android users. It allows you to track the current location of smartphones and tablets, remotely block the devices, and also activate the Lost mode, which helps to find it faster.

3. Night mode

5 Useful Smartphone Features Few People Know AboutBeer1024 /

Blue light of your device’s screen strains the eyes and can prevent you from quickly falling asleep. Using the night mode on Android devices will help solve this problem.

To activate it, go to “Settings” → “Display” → “Night mode.” You can schedule this mode to switch on and off at a certain time.

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4. Screenshot

5 Useful Smartphone Features Few People Know Aboutanzta stream / YouTube

In order to take a screenshot, swipe the edge of your hand across the screen after activating this function (“Settings” → “Advanced features” → “Palm swipe to capture”).

5. Power on/off on schedule

5 Useful Smartphone Features Few People Know AboutZohminga Ralte / YouTube

Do you want your smartphone to automatically turn on or off at a certain time?

For this, go to “Settings” → “Battery settings” → “Schedule power on/off”. Specify the exact time for the device to turn on/off.

Did you know about these features of your smartphone? Which one of them do you find is the most useful? Tell us about it in the comments!

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