How Color Of Clothes Affects Men’s Attraction To Women


January 8, 2019 12:03 By Fabiosa

For years, researchers have been studying the effect of the color of clothes on the attractiveness to the opposite sex. In one study, scientists decided to find out how men perceive women in dresses of different colors.

The participants were shown several photos of the same girl, which differed only in the color of her clothes. Almost all men said that the stranger in red was more attractive! They didn’t even realize that it was the same woman!

How Color Of Clothes Affects Men’s Attraction To WomenUniversity of Rochester / YouTube

Moreover, the men were not only interested in inviting the red-dress girl for a date, but were also willing to spend more money on this date! Why does it happen?

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Researchers have found it’s more likely that men perceive a woman in red as more approachable and not as inclined to monogamous relationships.


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Thus, the subjects admitted that they would have introduced such a girl to their friends or parents only if absolutely necessary. Is this jealousy?

What do women think?

In another study, scientists found that women also fall for the magic of red! In this experiment, all participants found men in the photos who were either sporting red clothing or against a red background more attractive.

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As it turns out, women subconsciously consider men in red to be of a higher status. According to women, such guys have every chance to earn good money and climb up the social ladder!

Why red?

Red is associated with higher levels of testosterone and dominance in many animal species. In particular, this color signals readiness for procreation in lizards, fish, and monkeys.

In addition, shades of red can raise blood pressure in people, improve mood and general activity, as well as increase heart rate. Isn't it very similar to falling in love?

The power of the color red

Here is another interesting experiment that was conducted by a girl who wanted to test the attractiveness of red. Although the results are hardly 100 percent reliable, they are definitely noteworthy!

According to psychologist Adam Pazda, color has an incredibly strong effect on our appeal. Does this mean that after the wedding women should hide away their red dresses and never wear them again? Of course not! But you should always keep this complex correlation of color and human perception in mind.

So, if you want to knock men off their feet, go for red! But don’t forget that this color of attire isn’t the best choice for getting acquainted with the potential groom's parents!

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