4 Houseplants Beneficial To Human Health


January 8, 2019 21:31 By Fabiosa

Not only do plants make a house more homely, but they are also good for health. A few groups of scientists decided to prove it in practice. And even if you hesitated before, now there is a good reason to seriously consider getting a houseplant.

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Gardening specialist Tijana Blanusa and a Reading University student conducted a study that revealed that plants are good for skin. It turned out that the fluid released from the leaves moisturizes the air through the process called transpiration, which has a very good effect on the body. This is especially important during cold times of the year with less fresh air inside and all those heaters on.

Scientists from Berlin also decided to find out whether ornamental plants can absorb various volatile compounds indoors. Laboratory studies have shown that many plants, being natural filters, are capable of destroying harmful microorganisms.

In addition, the presence of certain plants helps to regulate the level of dust in a house, absorbing its particles and thus purifying the air.

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4 Houseplants Beneficial To Human HealthOndacaracola / Shutterstock.com

We have selected 4 houseplants that can be quite good for the owners’ health.

1. Spathiphyllum

This perennial plant is admired for its simplicity and beauty. The flower is equally suitable for an office or home. Spathiphyllum requires basic care: it is enough to place it in a room with soft light and maintain constant humidity. The plant cleans the air from mold and other harmful substances.



2. Dypsis lutescens

It is a distant relative of a palm tree, which explains its characteristic leaves. Dypsis absorbs carbon dioxide, formaldehyde, and other harmful substances. In addition, the plant fills the room with oxygen, so you should put it in the kitchen and the living room.



3. Ficus elastica

This cute little plant with glossy dark green leaves is a moisture lover, so you should water it regularly. This plant is a real natural filter, and also produces substances improving the quality of air in the house.



4. Chlorophytum comosum

This plant came to us from South Africa and quickly found its place in the houses of fancy plant fiends. You can find it in many apartments as well as in schools, offices, and other institutions. Like those previously mentioned, Chlorophytum comosum loves moisture but copes well with temporary droughts. It is difficult to deny the benefits of Chlorophytum: it fights against toxic substances and microbes, disinfects and moistens the air, and also absorbs carbon monoxide.

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Most of the time we spend indoors, so it is very important to take care of the air we live in. Green plants are a simple and effective way to take care of your health and make your place homier.



Do you have any of the plants above? And what do you think – are houseplants really good for health?

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