7 Things You Need To Throw Away Weekly. With No Second Thoughts!


December 6, 2018 18:29 By Fabiosa

Are you tired of a mess and unnecessary things? We prepared a list of stuff you need to throw away every week. Don’t wait till a new year, spring or renovation! You will have more room and your life may show the signs of improvement. According to Taoist Feng Shui, cluttered up space attracts misfortune. Let’s get rid of unnecessary things!

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1. Papers, packages, press

Create a separate folder for important checks and bills. As for some promotional leaflets, free press from your mailbox, neat cardboard packages they belong in a garbage can. Trust us, you will not need any of it. Give a magazine to your friend after reading it. Or, even better, don’t buy paper, buy an electronic version! 

2.  Empty bottles and jars

If you are left with a pretty perfume bottle or a cream jar after finishing it, don’t keep them. 

3. Withered flowers

You were given flowers – good for you! When they wither, get rid of them immediately. Why? First, a withered bouquet is not aesthetically pleasing. Second, dead flowers have negative energy.


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4. Old clothes

Every week check your wardrobe for unnecessary things and throw them away: socks with holes or with no pair, underwear, washed out towels, and T-shirts with stains which won’t come off. Dispose of everything that can’t be mended of washed clean. It only takes up space. And don’t turn clothes into dusters. Go and buy special ones. 

5. Cosmetics and fashion jewelry

Make it a routine to check your beauty bag for outdated cosmetics. Don’t give second chances to spilled powder, a pencil without a cap, dried out mascara. Same goes for accessories. There is no place for one golden earring in a box. Take it to the jeweler or order the pair. If the earring is not of precious metal – throw it away. Don’t keep watches that don’t work. If a specialist told you there is no way of fixing them – sell or throw away.

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6. Duplicates

Many of you probably have two pairs of scissors, three pairs of headphones and miscellaneous cables, accumulating everywhere in the house. Try to notice the duplicating things and get rid of them. 

7. Emails and social network messages

Look through your email and social networks weekly. Delete all spam and useless messages. Establish a habit. Clean your computer, delete unnecessary photos. Keep important files on a cloud, for them not to take up space on your computer.

Minimalistic style is guaranteed to turn your home into a wonderful place. All you need to do is to get free from junk. Are you ready to start today?

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