New Hair Trend Of 2018 – Californian Highlights

Date June 25, 2018 16:09

Remember “Baywatch” show? True heroes on patrol of Californian beaches. Beauties with marvelous shapes and sunburnt locks made many men’s hearts skip a beat. Every girl wanted to look like the icons. And if you can get a fit body only in a gym, there are two ways to give your hair this look. First, go to the ocean or sea beach and let the sun do the job. Second, Californian highlights are achieving a not less glorious result.

Californian highlights have appeared quite recently, but are already becoming trendy, and for a reason. They provide an effect of sunburnt hair. In result, your hair looks very summery. Depending on the skill of your beautician, your locks will have up to 5 shades. White, platinum and wheat shades go well with fair hair. If you are a brunette — then go with chocolate, golden, caramel or cognac. The technique is about stretching a shade from dark at the roots to light at the tips. The main thing is to make the transition discreet.

This kind of highlighting is quite sparing – it is done without foil or thermal paper. A special paste with bee wax is used instead of regular dye.

No worries if you decide to grow your color back. As the hair grows it will still look neat.

It’s better to trust a specialist with this procedure. It is very challenging to get everything right at home.

Californian highlights look gorgeous both on long and short hair. And you can use it to conceal graying hair.

If you liked Californian highlights, show this article to your hairdresser. Summer is for experiments!