High Society Woman: In What Swimsuit You're More Likely To Pick Up A Rich Suitor

Date July 16, 2019

Many women dream of living a rich and carefree life. Some work tirelessly, while others prefer to take a different but no less difficult route: to look for a rich man. And we must say it’s not easy: not only do you need to pique interest with your appearance, but also keep the spark alive.

The best thing to do is to rely on the experience of women who have succeeded in this. Anna Bey is one of them. Coming from a very modest family, she managed to join the world of the rich and famous. Since 2012, she has been running a successful blog for anyone who would like to join high society. Luck is not enough. Anna teaches women how to transform themselves and become truly classy, so as to really interest rich men, and not be perceived as fleeting affair material.

Nowadays, getting into a luxurious place full of enviable suitors is not as difficult as being able to present oneself. Once it becomes too hot, they expectedly move to beach clubs, so why not look for your prince there? Anna told how to do it with the help of a swimsuit.

Many people want to make the most of the sun, so holidaymakers at such clubs usually all look alike. Still, some beachwear can make a woman look “cheap.” How to dress to avoid this?

1. Swimwear

Large busted women should avoid models with triangular cups and without support. A monokini looks classier than a bikini, but if you can choose a two-piece that perfectly matches your parameters, then go for it. Basically, a swimsuit should fit like a glove.

2. Beachwear

Anna considers tunics too commonplace and boring. How about an elegant beach dress?

T-shirts and shorts made of simple fabrics are nice and practical, but they look cheap in luxury resorts.

3. Accessories

No baseball caps – only high-quality and elegant hats suited to your face type.

Anna also recommended against flip-flops and jandals: they are not elegant at all. There are plenty of comfortable and charming neat models that are suitable for the beach. A beachbag must also be of high quality and not from ordinary textiles.

Finally, summer is a good time to experiment. Anna also named items that every woman striving to be classy should have in her wardrobe.

  1. Beautiful and not too eye-catching clothes in the red palette – men like this color.

  2. Tailored and perfectly fitting pants.

  3. Correct tops – tops and shirts should have an interesting cut and should be moderately revealing. A slightly open shoulder line – a definite “yes,” a plunging neckline – a resounding “no.”

  4. Flowing dresses of playful cut that emphasize the merits of the figure can be of any length, but they mustn’t be even remotely tacky.

  5. Pencil skirts, even if they are practically mini, create an elegant silhouette and at the same time don’t look too revealing.

There was a time when Anna changed herself. She lost weight, invested in her education and appearance, and learned to think and act like a member of high society. Why is she worth listening to? Because now she is a part of that world and a rich man's beloved woman. She has made her own fate by learning how to be elegant, interesting, and at the same time not easily accessible.