Ten Most Common Kitchen Mistakes Most Women Are Unaware Of

Date April 23, 2019

A kitchen is a sacred place for every modern woman. Not only do we try to make this room beautiful and cozy but also extremely functional to ease the preparing process. Toasters, blenders, microwave ovens, and compact coffee makers have been a part of the modern kitchen interior for quite long, not to mention about more traditional devices. However, you have no desire to use them wrong, which sometimes is done unintentionally. Luckily, knowledge is a powerful method for prolonging the exploitation period of any kitchen appliance. Here is how you can organize your kitchen space to make your home comfortable. 

Also, here are some useful tips to make your life easier.

1. Use of extension cables

Mistakenly, we often resort to the help of extension cables, which is not recommended in the kitchen. By connecting even two low energy-consuming devices (such as a kettle and a toaster) to one socket, you significantly increase the load on the local power grid. This can cause voltage fluctuations, devastating to the equipment, and even more serious problems, such as short circuits. Way out of the situation is simple: try to connect the devices to different sockets or use them one after another.

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2. Preheating food in square containers

Modern microwave ovens are equipped with special small platforms in the form of a round plate. And do you remember what form are the dishes of heat-resistant glass made? Exactly the same round design. And that is not accidental. Round containers allow you to warm and prepare food evenly. If the form is square, then its angles get more heat, leaving your meal cold.

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3. Refrigerator storage

The refrigerator door is usually equipped with rather comfortable shelves where we used to store sauces, butter, and dairy products. At the same time, it is the fridge’s warmest area and, due to the frequent opening, it is completely not suitable for perishable food.

4. Loading blender chaotically

It is better to grind the products in the blender one after another, cutting them in approximately the same pieces, or stack in a container, ranging from soft, light-textured, to the densest. With this in mind, the mechanical load on the knives will be more sparing.

5. Multicooker cover

Cooking in a crockpot is a fairly simple and easy process, as the device independently maintains the temperature and provides even heating. However, it is worth mentioning: it is not recommended to open the lid to check the dish readiness until the device fulfills 50-75% of the current program because this may increase the time it takes to complete it.

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6. Cookware in the oven

Often, for the purpose of saving the kitchen space, we store forms for baking and pots in an oven. It is not recommended to do this since the constant load on the side inside the appliance contributes to their faster wear and tear.

7. Cold products heating

Probably, every woman once faced with the problem of heating food from the fridge on the stove. It will eventually burn around the edges and remain cold inside. This is because the initial temperature of the dish itself is too low. The solution to the problem is quite simple: take out the meal from the refrigerator 15-20 minutes before heating.

8. Sealed packaging defrosting

Even though the packaging material may not deform during heating, some polymers, used for their production, influence the release of harmful substances that are absorbed by the products at high temperature. Be careful – that is extremely dangerous.

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9. Weighing pan as an auxiliary working bowl

We often use kitchen scales in our everyday food preparation, forgetting to remove a measuring bowl from them. Such loads reduce the accuracy of measurements over some time.

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10. Neglecting toaster settings

In general, we set the toaster settings only once – when it is first turned on. This is OK if the same bread is always used for toasting, otherwise it can eventually be burnt or dried improperly.

Kitchen utensils are universal assistants of every modern housewife, but they require the right treatment and timely care. We hope these simple tips will help you avoid the most common mistakes in their use and allow you always stay at the top.

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