Begone From The Closet! 6 Clothing Items 45+ Women Are Better Off Avoiding


March 20, 2019 10:27 By Fabiosa

Life only starts after 45! But in order to coincide with your age, you have to get rid of those items of clothing that will make you look awkward. We're going to tell you which exact things you need to replace to look as spectacular as possible.

1. Push-up bra

Begone From The Closet! 6 Clothing Items 45+ Women Are Better Off AvoidingAngyee Patipat /

Push-up bras are gradually going out of fashion. Visually enhancing your breasts with the use of such underwear is neither modern nor effective anymore. Small breasts might get lost in such a bra while big ones look ridiculous. The current trend is loose lacy underwear called bralette.

2. Mini skirts

Begone From The Closet! 6 Clothing Items 45+ Women Are Better Off AvoidingKichigin /

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Forget about mini skirts; they are vulgar and have become outdated a long time ago. You are no longer 18 years old, so you should try wearing something more elegant. For instance, opt for tube skirts or midi skirts.

3. Stretched out clothes

Old clothes that have lost their initial shape long ago, yet are still dear to your heart – you need to get rid of such items. Leave them in your personal museum and remember that oversized clothes is a dangerous thing, and a cultural phenomenon only youngsters are allowed to play around with.

4. Funny, childish prints

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Souvenir print T-shirts are always a sign of bad taste. You can wear them only if you have mastered post-irony to perfection. In all other cases, replace them with sole-colored T-shirts with a matte finish.

5. Crop tops

You can wear it to a hot party and only if you have a toned, kempt belly. In any other case, you should opt for open-back tops – this will definitely have the right effect and hide the imperfections!

6. Ripped jeans

Begone From The Closet! 6 Clothing Items 45+ Women Are Better Off Avoidingatdigit /

Ripped jeans are youngsters' domain. Buy yourself a pair of elegant black slim leg trousers, then you will look truly boho. And when it comes to jeans, you be better off selecting well-quality high-waisted denims, otherwise if you get love handles, it's going to be a disaster!

When you strip your look of these clothing elements, you'll start to feel much more confident and, of course, acquire a modern style inspiration for a new look and adventures to match your 45+ life that is just starting.

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