10 Hilarious Yet Nonetheless Effective Lifehacks From The Internet

Date May 3, 2019 18:00

Nowadays, you can find loads of useful tips on the internet that can make our lives easier and save time in various situations. Learning such lifehacks, we often wish we knew it sooner.

And some ideas are so creative and out-of-the-box, you can't but laugh and wonder how on earth a person comes up with something like that in the first place!

10 hilarious yet nonetheless effective lifehacks from the internet

1. For when a socket is too high or the cable is too short

Charging a phone when the cord does not reach the floor from r/lifehacks

2. How to prevent your laptop from overheating

Use a fork or two as a laptop cooling pad. They elevate your laptop with maximum airflow and tilt they keyboard from r/lifehacks

3. A place to keep your valuables safe. No one will want to look there!

Store goodies in secret from r/lifehacks

4. What to do if you have to do the dishes? Just print out a photo of an empty sink and put it on top of the dishes!

How to avoid having to do the dishes from r/shittylifehacks

5. A carpet from carpet samples

Pinterest Project for $12 : Carpet Samples + Gorilla Tape from r/pics

6. A neat trick to get your child to take medicine

How to get your kid to take medicine from r/lifehacks

7. How to toast a slice of bread without a toaster

Toaster not working? No problem! from r/lifehacks

8. When you don't want to shed a single tear while chopping onions

Put on ski goggles when chopping onions so you don’t cry your eyes out from r/lifehacks

9. One more lifehack to avoid doing the dishes

10. When a gap in the cubicle is awkwardly large

How to: prevent awkward stares in public restrooms from r/shittylifehacks

Well, these people will do all right in life, that's for sure. So, which of these amusing tips would you apply? Looking forward to your answers and own lifehacks in the comments!

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