7 Things That Can Turn A Lady Into An Old Woman


June 5, 2019 18:06 By Fabiosa

“The devil is in the detail” – this saying is an undeniable truth when it comes to style. One small mistake can make a girl look like a woman, and a woman like a granny.

Now we will tell you about style mistakes that may add you a few years

1. Wrong length of the skirt

7 Things That Can Turn A Lady Into An Old WomanGetty Images / Ideal Image

You can ruin a look and look a few years older with both a mini and maxi skirt. It is important to find your golden mean, which will balance your silhouette and even, perhaps, hide some extra pounds.

2. Outdated footwear

7 Things That Can Turn A Lady Into An Old WomanWoman's feet, high heel sandalsrootstock / Shutterstock.com

Shoes that went out of fashion long ago can destroy the entire image and make you look older. You can never go wrong with classic pumps. All those rhinestones, feathers, and platforms belong in the former century.

3. Unsightly colors, like swamp green, earth tones, etc.

7 Things That Can Turn A Lady Into An Old WomanThe Art of Pics / Shutterstock.com

Swamp green, earth tones or brown should be approached with caution or avoided altogether. They can make the look too gloomy, sullen, and even visually sickly.

4. Complex fabrics

Such fabrics as velvet, lurex, and the like can be called complex and theatrical. One needs to know how to properly combine them, otherwise, you risk looking like an old lady. Or, better still, forget about them altogether – thankfully, there is no shortage of other materials nowadays!

5. Baggy clothes

7 Things That Can Turn A Lady Into An Old Womandebasige / Shutterstock.com

Oversized clothes that are currently in trend can look good on young girls. Shapeless sweaters and jackets can look ridiculous on mature ladies, making the image heavier and adding extra pounds. If you think that the oversized clothes will hide the flaws of your figure, you are mistaken! This way you risk looking larger, and as a result, older.

6. Dark colors around the face

7 Things That Can Turn A Lady Into An Old WomanIrina Borsuchenko / Shutterstock.com

Light colors refresh the face, and the dark ones – age it. To appear a little younger and fresher, go for light blouses, sweaters, and turtlenecks. Leave dark color for the bottom – skirts and pants.

7. Plain haircuts

7 Things That Can Turn A Lady Into An Old WomanIakov Filimonov / Shutterstock.com

A proper haircut is half the job in creating a good image! Don’t spare the time and effort to find yourself a stylist who will consider all the features of your appearance and select an advantageous image to make you a few years younger.

And what tricks do you use to look stylish and elegant? Tell us in the comments!