Age-Inappropriate: Lipstick Shades That Women Over 40 Had Better Forget

Date July 2, 2019

After turning 40, women should be more attentive to the texture and color of the lipstick we choose. How to avoid ruining the whole makeup with an ill-chosen shade? Never buy these 4 colors! In graceful age, they are simply unforgivable.

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1. Brown

Any shade of this color, from light to dark brown, will add you at least 10 extra years. This color is very capricious and doesn’t suit pale skin, and as you know, women lose their natural blush with age. Besides, brown visually reduces the volume of the lips, turning them thinner. This can yield an unfortunate result: instead of a well-groomed mature beauty, it can turn you into a pale, sickly old lady.


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2. Carrot orange

This one is among the most unattractive colors in lipstick that suit very few people. Bright carrot orange can ruin the makeup, making the face look bluish, and highlighting any skin imperfections and yellow teeth. If you want to go with a light shade, consider a rich peach color.

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3. Pearly pink

The pearly glow is a luxury that only very young girls can afford. This beautiful color will simply vanish on the face of a mature woman, leaving a barely noticeable gloss. By the way, this is the reason why glitter and sticky textures are absolutely inappropriate after 40. But a glossy or matte lipstick of not nude or transparent colors is always a good choice.


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4. Burgundy

The color of burgundy or rotten cherry up to violet is not so rare in mature ladies’ cosmetic bags. Dark colors do make the makeup more reputable, but they are easy to go overboard with. The skin of the lips becomes more tender and loses its elasticity with age, which is why lipstick simply gathers into the cracks. You can imagine this sight.

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After 40 years, a woman acquires a special natural charm, which needs a proper emphasis. Makeup that is too bright or daring, with accents on the eyes, lips, and cheekbones, is bad taste. In this age, it becomes increasingly necessary to beautifully highlight the lips. For this, choose a lipstick with soft moisturizing textures of taupe or wine shades containing care products.

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And don’t forget that sometimes you can treat yourself even to evening makeup with red lipstick. Nowadays, many cosmetic brands offer high-quality and waterproof products. Stares of admiration are guaranteed.

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