Attractive Blogger Shows How XL-Sized Girls Can Dress Confidently


March 29, 2019 10:13 By Fabiosa

Stylish at any size – this is Londonite Ayesha Perry-Iqbal to a T. The young lady’s body doesn’t fit into the standards of "model beauty," but thousands of people find her looks inspiring and uplifting!

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Love yourself at any size

The model runs an Instagram microblog, where she showcases evening dresses, office looks, underwear, and sportswear. She makes it clear that girls should love themselves at any size. Ayesha writes about this on her website, and at the same time lashes at well-known brands for still disregarding women who wear L-sized clothes and larger, which make up 60% of America’s female population.

In support of all girls with non-standard appearances, Ayesha ascribes to this motto:

Beauty is a feeling. Not a size, shape, or color.

She is supported by thousands of followers who like her photos.

1. “Walk with Confidence... you are beautiful baby girl”

2. “Be Proud of your body... no need to edit”

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3. “Had a lovely night celebrating the Oscars. More size diversity... more ethnic diversity!!”

4. “Hey Ladies... you are ENOUGH!! Don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise. P.S. Live your best life ”

5. “I’m hoping if I smile enough the rain in LA will go away and we will be back to my favorite Cali sunshine! ”

Did Ayesha manage to inspire you not to be ashamed of your size and your curves? Please share how you feel about this.

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