How To Quickly And Effortlessly Degrease The Stove Hood

Date April 15, 2019 13:50

A kitchen hood plays a huge role in the cooking process: it prevents the entire house from smelling like oil or smoke. But sooner or later, there comes a time when it seems that it’s due to retire. Making the hood clean and shiny again is easy if you follow these clear instructions.

Getting ready for cleaning the hood

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Disassemble the structure before cleaning. And don’t forget to unplug it! Then find the instruction for the diagram of the component elements. But in most cases, the detachable parts are the same, so remove the fasteners and the top cover.

Remember that the pipe connecting the hood to ventilation also needs cleaning. Some people just change it once a month, but this trick isn’t applicable to every type of hood. Then remove the air filter, which is easily detached. The hood frame won’t come off, so it will be enough to wash it from all accessible sides. Let us proceed to the cleaning.

Method 1 – Simple

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First of all, prepare a solution. Pour soap or detergent in water in a ratio of 1 to 4. Soak the components for 30-40 minutes. Then pour boiling water over the parts and remove the dirt with a sponge. Let the parts dry and put everything back in place.

Method 2 – I’m not touching that!

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This method is useful for hoods that haven’t been cleaned for years. It must be said, however, that the manufacturers warn that you can do this only once or twice, because if you hold the grid in the solution for too long, it may corrode the metal. So, all you need is 2-3 packets of dry powder or half a glass of liquid cleaning agent for pipes. Prepare a baking pan of corresponding size and boiling water. Before you begin, put on rubber gloves and open all the windows. Put the grate on the baking sheet and pour the agent over it. Do the same with the filter. Let it stay in the foam for 5-10 minutes and then rinse it thoroughly with water.

Method 3 – Nothing in this world laundry soap can’t clean

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Heat 85 ounces of water in a large casserole. Then, grate half a bar of laundry soap and dissolve it in the water. Take the casserole off the cooker, and dip the filter in the mixture for 10-20 minutes. Then wash the grate as usual. You can wipe the hood frame with the same solution, and, to make the laundry soap even more effective, add a couple of tablespoons of baking soda.

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With proper use of these methods, any person can quickly and easily make the kitchen hood look good as new. And next time, don’t wait for years to wash it!

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