Luxury Look While Spending Pennies: 11 Tips For Those Who Prefer To Scrimp And Save

Date May 6, 2019

Almost every woman dreams of looking chic. But not everybody understands that looking “expensive” doesn’t mean having to spend incredble amounts of money on designer items. You can create stylish looks even with an average income simply by following a few tips from professional stylists.

1. Color palette

Earthen shades are not for everyone, as well as flashy prints. Now, pastel colors are in trend. They are not just stylish, but also rejuvenating.

2. Perfume

Every woman has her own unique scent. It is quite difficult to give specific recommendations, but there is one rule for everyone: avoid overly sweet and sugary aromas.

3. Fashion jewelry

Contrary to popular belief, costume jewelry is not a taboo for creating an “expensive” image. It is better to opt for items made of heavy metal, not too shiny, and without “glamorous” rhinestones.

4. Outerwear

Classic never goes out of fashion. So, when choosing a jacket or coat, it is better to give your preference to time-tested styles – they will never look cheap.

5. High-quality bag

Don’t chase after budget replicas of world brands. It is better to choose a classic model of quality material without an abundance of decor.


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6. Proper makeup

Pay special attention to quality foundation and powder. Choose nude tones in makeup, but do not forget about the bright lipstick – red lips is a timeless classic.

7. Tailor

In fact, tailored clothing is not such an exorbitant pleasure. It will fit perfectly because it was designed specifically for your parameters.

8. Details make up the image

Dull buttons, pills on sweaters, or a greasy collar can make even the most expensive and exclusive look appear sloppy and cheap.

9. Steam ironing

Forget about the iron! If you steam iron instead, your clothes will look as if you have just got them from an expensive dry-cleaner’s.

10. Tucking in

Do you know that it is better to go for clothes that are tucked in? They will only benefit the image.

11. Pumps

Even an outfit consisting of the most ordinary and basic items can look expensive and stylish with bright pumps. It doesn’t matter where you get them, whether at a mass fashion store or a boutique.

As you can see, you can afford to look gorgeous even on an average budget. Share this material with your friends; they will find these tips useful too!