There Are 10 Types Of Hair! How To Properly Care For Yours


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Hair can be called one of the most important accessories in terms of creating an image. It is important to know the structure and type of your hair in order to properly care for it. Only then, will it look good even without much effort! Stylist Andre Walker created a classification system consisting of 10 types of hair.

Hair types

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  1. Straight thin.
  2. Straight medium.
  3. Straight coarse.
  4. Wavy thin.
  5. Wavy medium.
  6. Wavy coarse.
  7. Curly loose.
  8. Curly tight.
  9. Kinky wiry with a curl pattern.
  10. Kinky wiry without a curl pattern.

How to care for different types of hair

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As you can see, even though there are 10 types, they make up 4 main categories: straight, wavy, curly, and kinky. It is on these categories that you should rely on when choosing how to care for your hair. Trust us, there is a difference!

Straight hair

This type of hair requires more frequent washing as it quickly becomes oily. You can also use dry shampoo sometimes if you don’t have time for a full-fledged washing. Choose shampoos and conditioners that boost volume if your hair lacks it. When blow-drying your hair, use a round brush in order to create volume. If you have medium or thick straight hair, choose layered haircuts to give your hair movement. If your hair is thin, choose blunt haircuts.

Wavy hair


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Your main task is to add volume and avoid frizz. You need conditioners and shampoos with a moisturizing effect, or you can even use such masks once a week. To control such hair and retain moisture, you can apply oil or mousse at the middle of the hair and spread it to the tips. Blow-dry your hair until it is almost dry because otherwise, you can turn your natural waves into frizz. As for the haircut, remember that the shorter your hair is the curlier your hair is going to be. If it is thin, you may want to consider multi-layered haircuts. They will add some volume.

Curly hair


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The task is the same – to keep the hair moisturized. You can pick shampoos and conditioners designed specifically for curly hair. It is better to comb your hair when it is still damp, otherwise, it will be difficult to make it pretty. Combing damp hair gives beautiful curls. As for a haircut, again the shorter the hair, the curlier it is.

Kinky hair

As in 2 previous types, it is important to keep the hair moisturized. Use appropriate conditioners and shampoos. After the shower, be sure to wipe the hair with a towel. No need to use a hairdryer, otherwise all your patterned curls can become frizzy. If you are not in a hurry, consider air-drying. The shorter the hair, the more chaotic the curls. And don’t forget to trim the ends.

Now you know the peculiarities of your hair type. Listen to our advice and take proper care of your hair!

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