How To Make Yourself Taller And Slimmer Just With Clothes – Without Wearing Heels!

Date May 8, 2019

Everyone knows that the most obvious and effective way to make yourself visually taller is to wear high heels. But is it fair? Not all women feel comfortable on heels. What if they want to look taller not only for social events but also during a leisurely stroll or a business trip. In these cases, heels will only create discomfort.

How To Make Yourself Taller And Slimmer Just With Clothes – Without Wearing Heels!Getty Images / Ideal Image

Moreover, many styles of shoes on low heel are now fashionable: chelsea, brogues, oxfords, loafers and, sneakers. So, what should you do? Today we want to share a few stylish tricks that will help you look visually taller without putting on heels!

Stylish tricks to make you seem taller – without heels!

1. Tuck your top

When you leave a blouse loose over a skirt or jeans, you visually shorten your legs, “trimming” them with the fabric of your top. If you tuck your blouse in, you will draw the figure line, and emphasize your waist, hips, and long legs.

2. Vertical stripes


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Not horizontal and not diagonal, but only vertical. This pattern makes your legs visually longer, causing others to track the line along your entire body. Moreover, if you put on a striped blouse, it still visually makes you taller: it will lengthen your neck and straighten your shoulders.

3. V-neck clothes

The feature of this cut allows you to increase the length of your torso visually. The silhouette will also look more slender and sophisticated. Another advantage is the ability to lengthen the neck.

4. Monochrome images

When you put on a red blouse and black pants, you visually divide the body into two parts, but when you put on a suit of a monochrome shade, the lines complement each other, extending your body, visually making you seem taller!

5. Beige shoes

This trick only works if you have bare legs or tights of the same color. The beige shoes “merge” with the foot, continuing its line and making it longer. The same thing happens when you wear black pants and black shoes.

As you can see, all these tricks work well both with and without heels! You can safely experiment with your images, visually making yourself taller and not worrying about possible lack of comfort!