Worried About Extra Pounds? Fashion Tricks To Help You Hide Body Flaws


April 10, 2019 15:26 By Fabiosa

Modern fashion can make any woman feel attractive and spectacular. Regardless of shape, there is always an appropriate wardrobe to be found. All you need is just to carefully study the fashion trends to hide extra pounds, emphasizing the best sides of your figure. Today, we want to share 7 fashion tricks that can perfectly cope with this task!

Tips to highlight your silhouette


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These things accentuate the best parts of your body, visually making the figure slimmer.

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Maxi length


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Long summer sundresses are all that you need if you want to hide figure flaws. The legs won’t be visible, meaning nobody will see your problematic zones!

Spacious highlighted silhouette

Your outfits should be spacious not to underline the problem areas. At the same time, they can’t be completely shapeless. You need the elements to highlight the best parts of your body, for example, waist. A belt will deal with this task perfectly.

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If you wear one-colored clothes, for example, a blue trouser suit, you visually extend your legs and neck, thereby creating a “slim” silhouette.

Vertical lines

Never put on horizontal patterns! Vertical ones do the same thing as monochrome outfits – lengthen your silhouette.

High waist


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First, it will hide your tummy and make it tauter. Secondly, it emphasizes the waist, which is probably much slimmer than hips.


Don’t believe that this style will make you look even bigger. An oversize coat or jacket will make you visually smaller, as the overall volume will be taken away. Exactly what is needed!

These are some simple tips to help you form a competent wardrobe that will accentuate the best parts of your body and hide its flaws.

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