How Can You Look Slimmer In Photos? Brief Guide For All Body Types


April 11, 2019 12:45 By Fabiosa

In the era of social networks, people have learned how to deal with flaws in their appearance and emphasize the best parts of their bodies with the right angles and proper lighting. If you want to present your appearance to collect the highest possible number of likes, listen to our tips that will definitely help you look the way you want!

1. Choose slimming clothes

If you know your imperfect sides, hide them with spacious clothes. If you know your strengths, emphasize them with the proper outfit. The main thing is to approach your best and worst parts of the body in the most perfect way possible.

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2. Choose the right angle in front of the camera

Side view will only emphasize your tummy, so always pose with a proper angle. Shift the weight on one leg and take the shoulder back (choose the one that you shifted your weight to). And there you have it – masking pose is ready!

3. Place your hands on your hips

Don't let your hands be loose. It is important to find a proper “use” for them! Let them be on your waist, a bit closer to your back. It will make your body look free, and your hands won’t be hanging, creating extra space around your waist. This is how you will make yourself visually slimmer.

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4. Move your shoulders back if you are sitting

If you are posing in a chair, it is important to show a straight posture, so move your shoulders back and put more emphasis on your upper body. You can even take a deep breath so that the chest is in maximum tone.

5. Avoid double chin!

To avoid double chin in photos, learn to keep your neck flat and slightly raise your head. Not only will you look slimmer but will also prevent a double chin in the picture!

6. Other tricky poses

Everyone can find their own pose. You just need to examine your reflection in the mirror carefully, choosing the perfect angles.

These 6 simple ways will help you show off your best side. Take more photos, don’t be shy, and keep your self-esteem in good shape.

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