Perfect Look : How To Choose Clothes Colors To Go With Your Hair Color

Date April 26, 2019

A glamorous woman is not only the one who has tons of trendy and pretty clothes, but also the one who can combine them well. This isn’t only about trousers-go-with-a-blouse rules. It is important to know which shades bring your beauty to the fullest. That’s why one needs to choose proper make-up and emphasize what is necessary.

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One of the crucial women’s attributes is their hair. Now, stylists offer plenty of hairdos and styles to bring up the face contours, eyes, and, naturally, here comes hair color. Even though it doesn’t seem so, not all colors of clothes fit women with different hair colors the same way. And here are some easy exercises to try.

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Today, we will tell about colors which fit blonds, brunettes, red-heads, and ash-blonds. When on your next shopping spree, try to be less of an impulsive buyer, and more of a wise one who knows the colors, to perfectly match your appearance and the whole look. Check out our cheat-sheets!


Blondes should avoid colors which subdue their natural color range. It is better to avoid ultra-bright colors, but it doesn’t mean a complete taboo on bold shades. They should be original, striking, and complex. The picture shows that colors intrinsic to flowers, soft but, at the same time, bright are the ones that suit girls with fair hair.

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Red-heads should be even more attentive, as their look can easily become overbearing. But there is an upside: You can attract attention with the clothes of the same color as your hair, or with contrastive shades. 

Girls with hair of pale colors have a choice. They can either highlight themselves with bright clothes, to bring glow to the face, or can go with clothes of similar shades, to emphasize silvery play of colors and create a mysterious look. Mind that mentioned bright colors don’t include all of them, but only those present in a picture, or similar ones.


Rich colors are perfect for brunettes. They can chose bright colors, all they want. In this case, the ones to approach with caution are pastel shades. For example, gray and white will fit much better than beige. 

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These are essential tips to help every woman look impeccable. Next time you are at a shop or at home deciding what to wear, try to pay attention to the colors of your clothes. Which ones prevail? Why? If you simply like a color which doesn’t match you, wear it responsibly. 

A skill to be a glamorous woman is not only a smart choice of clothes’ designs and trends but also of shades and prints. Be trendy, wise, and spectacular! ;)

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