6 Colors To Wear For The Best Anti-Aging Effect

Date July 19, 2018

The first rule women after 45 need to remember is that they need to recognize their own uniqueness. And it's not about the character. It’s about the features of the skin, its shade, as well as the color of the hair and eyes. For example, if you have skin with a tint of yellow, then mustard, yellow, and beige outfits are not your best options. If your skin is queenly pale, then avoid wearing dull tones (light blue, for instance). With age, this will only emphasize the dark circles under the eyes and wrinkles.


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However strange it may seem to you, but with age, shades of black are to be avoided in clothes. The thing is, it's not even a color. It literally "sucks" the health and youth from your face, so choose black only if you are ready to balance it with red lipstick and a good blush.

Today, we offer you colors that will work in your favor, making you 5, 10, or even 15 years younger.



Contrary to stereotypes, this color is not just for little girls. Pink literally adds a touch of freshness, youth, and radiance to your image. It cheers up the wearer and the people around. Of course, don’t go total pink. A single item will do the trick: a coat, jacket, or scarf.



This is the central color. It is universal, so it is suitable for all women. Just study the shade of your skin carefully to understand which red is best to choose: cold (red on the verge of crimson) or warm (closer to tomato red). And don’t forget about lipstick!



Again, choose the right shade of this color. Then, it will emphasize only the best in your appearance, while also significantly rejuvenating it. For those who prefer darker tones, blue can easily replace black. Don’t be afraid to introduce more vibrance into your image.

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A most refreshing color. It is associated with coquetry, sensuality, and inaccessibility. As with pink, it would be ill-advised to make it the only color in your image. You can pick up a coral blouse or a shirt, and put on a coat or jacket of darker tones over it.

Lavender or violet


These two shades play by the same rules as pink and coral. They add bright, fresh, and young notes to the look. So, you can just put on a white or cream blouse with a violet jacket. Such bright highlights will draw attention to the whole image, and not to wrinkles or other unsightly features.



They are not for everyone, because a blend of different colors can play a trick on you. But you can avoid this problem by choosing the combination of colors that suit you. Pay attention not only to how the shades correlate with themselves, but also how they work with your skin.

Now you know what colors will help you hide your true age and look younger. Every woman should know these tricks, because with their help you can keep feeling attractive and confident for a long time!

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