11 Simple And Effective Tricks To Look Younger

Date June 19, 2018

There is a moment is every woman’s life, when you start wanting to look younger and conceal your age. Fortunately, it’s up to us to take care of ourselves. There are many tricks in makeup and other beauty procedures to make a woman look younger. Today, we are going to tell you about 11 of them!

1. Take care of the heels

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A pedicure is an indispensable procedure for women who want to look younger. The skin on the heels quickly hardens, so don’t ignore this part of your body. This procedure is better to do once a month, and it requires moisturizing the heels with essential oils afterward. For example, peppermint provides a cooling effect that will please you after the pedicure.

2. Draw lips

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With age, the lip contour tends to fade, but there is nothing wrong with using a pencil! It is important to select shades that are only a touch darker than the lipstick. This way you will achieve a most natural, but also rejuvenating effect!

3. Don’t forget about sunscreen

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Even if the weather is cloudy, don’t forget how tricky the sun is. Remember to protect yourself from the harmful effects of strong rays. You can’t be too cautious in this matter!

4. Choose warm shades for hair

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When you want to hide gray hair, don’t dye in any similar color or an icy blond. Warm tones will be best: golden, honey, chestnut.

5. Change the black eyeliner

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Blue, turquoise, and green are better for women who started to age. The black pencil will only emphasize yellowness that appears with years, while the navy color will brighten the whites of your eyes.

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6. Keep your teeth white

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This is crucial! Sometimes, an ideal smile can outshine any imperfections of the face. Try not to eat food that makes your teeth darker, quit smoking, visit the dentist regularly and, of course, make sure to brush your teeth twice a day!

7. Dense eyebrows

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Sparse eyebrows with gaps are unacceptable! If you have this problem, then first brush your brows with a special comb, and then use a pencil, shadows or eyebrow dye, choosing the most natural shade, such as dark brown.

8. Take care of your hands /

They are among the first to give away your age! First, do the manicure. If not in a salon, then at least by yourself. Second, use creams that contain olive oil, aloe vera, and glycerin. They do an excellent job of removing dead skin cells.

9. Hide the wrinkles

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Mask them! A few drops of jojoba essential oil can work miracles. Also, don’t forget about the concealer. Shade it carefully to make your face look most natural, but at the same time, hide all the flaws.

10. Choose a blush /

Peach and pink are two shades that will work for you. Raise cheekbones by drawing clear lines with them.

11. Get enough sleep

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Good sleep is a cornerstone of longer youth. If you notice that you lack sleep, go to bed an hour earlier. It will give you energy, high spirits, and toned skin of the face!

Follow these tips if you want to look young at any age! All these tricks will let you feel beautiful, spectacular, relaxed and confident. You deserve it! 

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