How To Get Larger Blooms From Hardy Geraniums

Date May 9, 2018 18:09

People think hardy geranium is a simple flower. An ordinary plant, low in maintenance. However, a gorgeous cranesbill with thick leaves and in bloom is a rare sight. If there are only a few clumsy spears on your cranesbill, and it’s been ages since you saw it bloom, this article is for you.

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Hardy geranium may disappoint you when it needs different soil, pot, or temperature; when it lacks nutrients or a regular trim; if it is not properly watered. It also requires different treatment in different seasons.

Let’s revise what we know!

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The pot

The size matters. If placed in a proper pot, hardy geranium blooms generously, and the flowers are big and healthy. Here are some example sizes: diameter – 5 inches, height – 4 inches.

Roots need extra attention. The plant won’t bloom unless they cover the whole area.

The material of the pot is also important, natural clay is a preferred option. Plastics are also acceptable. But bear in mind that soil dries slower in plastic. And it may cause the roots to rot.

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Next of importance is watering

A drought is not as harmful as a flood. Little water may lead to little growth and no bloom, but too much water will lead to rot, as mentioned above.

Water it once a day in summer. If you see that the upper layer is constantly wet, lower it to 3 times a week. In winter, it is enough to water it once a week. Again, let the surface layer serve you as an indicator.

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Calendar matter

March to August add supplements rich in phosphorus and potassium, but low in nitrogen. This is a formula for rampant bloom.

It is cheaper to treat hardy geraniums with iodine water. Dissolve one drop in 0.3 gallons of water.

The plant is sure to appreciate mineral supplements. Be generous.

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The soil

Make sure it is good. The best variant is a mixture of sand, gardening soil, and a little of peat. Occasionally, dig up the soil to ensure access of air to the roots.

Suitable climate

This plant requires an abundance of light all year round, fresh air during warm seasons, 53°F and warmer in winter. Slight changes of temperature are useful, as they facilitate blooming.

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Hardy geranium wakes up In March, so prune it. Cut old leaves off, leave about 5 buds on the spears. If new spears are coming from leaves (not the root), remove them and use for propagation.

Never cut the plant in winter. It may prevent it from blooming. If you forgot to do it in spring, early autumn will do.


If your cranesbill has everything it needs but still doesn’t bloom, add blooming supplements.

And if there is a rampant beauty on your windowsill, share your method. The amateur florists will sure appreciate it.

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