5 Hair Color Trends Of 2019

Date January 17, 2019 11:01

So, how about entering the new year 2019 with a new hair color?! If it's new, it should be beautiful! Dyeing your hair is probably the most affordable way of changing your appearance to present the new-you to the world. Especially if it's a trendy color that is not yet common among your friends. You'll catch everyone's eye!

Bye-bye, stylish 2018!

Before telling you about the new trends in dyeing hair, let's recap what happened in stylish 2018.

1. Platinum blonde required a particular seasonal color type and it fit only some of age groups



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2. The pink color of different shades gave the face a fresh look and added playfulness

3. Ash blonde earned color stylists thunderous ovations


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4. Two- or three-shade ombre looked great on both dark and light hair

Hello, classy 2019!

Color and hair stylists worked hard to offer you the new trends for the most fashionable girls in 2019. What do they have for us? Will they manage to impress us? Let's see.

1. Hot pink

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Pastel colors will give a way to deeper tones which will bring out the beauty of the eyes and skin color. You just need to choose the coral shade depending on your seasonal color type.

2. "Snow bunny"


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Ash blonde switches to a more neutral shade, perhaps, even bluish. You can't walk past it!

3. Dirty blonde

Stylists suggest tinting the hair roots and making a gradual transition to lighter ends. The optical illusion will add volume even to the thinnest hair and will also make it appear longer.

4. Pitch black

Deep and intense color will give your hair more shine. You just need to know how to combine the rich shade with your skin color.

5. Rusty red


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Golden and copper highlights will give brunettes a fresh look and a playful undertone to the look.

Get inspired, pick your colors, and head for a tried-and-tested hair salon with your favorite stylist. Live bright!

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