5 Seemingly "Harmless" Female Habits That Kill Men's Love

Date December 5, 2018

Men are much more vulnerable, perceptive, sensitive, and attentive to little things than most women think. Sometimes even women's seemingly "harmless" actions may contribute to a break-up.

5 female habits that kill men's love

1. Speaking in riddles

5 Seemingly "Harmless" Female Habits That Kill Men's LoveIakov Filimonov/

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Many girls resort to hints and riddles instead of just telling their partner directly what they want. Usually, it doesn't have any good outcome. Men are far more straightforward and are unable to decode your looks and gestures.

2. Trying to look like a cover girl

Men are much more likely to find a woman attractive if she's wearing little to no makeup and her style is casual and a little messy, rather than if she has tons of cosmetics on her face and she's wearing revealing clothes. Remember, vivid makeup symbolizes that a woman is reserved and distrustful, while its absence speaks about high self-esteem and confidence.

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3. Not taking care of hygiene and not keeping a house

Men care about their personal hygiene and keeping the house clean no less than women, it's just that their lifestyle usually gets in the way of doing it themselves.

4. Invading his personal space

5 Seemingly "Harmless" Female Habits That Kill Men's Lovefizkes /

Questions like "Where are you going?", "Who has just called?" and so on seem harmless to women, yet the stronger sex usually takes it up wrong. Men need their personal space and the ability to be alone sometimes; don't strip them of this right.

5. Constantly criticizing

5 Seemingly "Harmless" Female Habits That Kill Men's LoveVGstockstudio /

It's especially important when it comes to finances. If you keep on judging your partner for not making enough money, he will start thinking you only want his money and not him.

What about the opposite side of the coin? Which male habits kill women's love in your opinion? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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