Let's Fight Under-Eye Bags Together: 5 Techniques Famous Models Use

Date November 22, 2018

Bags and dark circles under eyes are a common problem faced by many women, not only celebrities. Sleepless nights, stress and a painstaking schedule take their toll even on the faces of the most demanded models. Though they can turn to make-up artists for help at any time, many girls have their own ways of dealing with the problem and today we are going to tell you about them.

5 methods famous models use to remove eye bags

1. Chilled potatoes

Here's Lauren Conrad's way of making her face look fresh and rested in the mornings. She takes a fresh potato out of the fridge, cuts it into slices, puts them in water for a few seconds, and then applies to her under eye area for 15 minutes. The star claims that it's a failproof remedy!

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2. Greens application

For Miranda Kerr, her number one puffy eyes remedy is a greens application. Just put a couple of cooled slices of cucumber or fresh spinach leaves on your problem areas for a few minutes.

3. Massage

Star cosmetologist Anastasia Achilleos assures that certain massage techniques will not only help to get rid of bags under eyes and remove the puffiness, but generally keep your face toned as well. Besides, it will only take you a few minutes a day. You can see the order of exercises in the video above.

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4. Eye patches and big shades

Jordana Brewster's secret is notable for its efficiency. The actress and model prefers cosmetic eye patches topped with big sunglasses. Thanks to this lifehack, you can leave home wearing these and save time on beauty routine.


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5. Freeze sticks

There's another popular way of solving the issue among models, Victoria’s Secret Angels in particular. If you don't have any spoon-like tools, just remember that you can use ordinary teaspoons. Place them in the fridge prior to use and then apply them to your eyes for a few minutes.

How do you cope with puffiness and dark circles? Share your personal lifehacks in the comments below!

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